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We just added a new page under the tools tab called NFL Expert Rankings which shows the top plays at each position from each of our writers and organizes them by the average of each rank. It’s free to look at just by signing up!

These are my specific top picks at each position and my reasoning for each.
1) Colin Kaepernick – Just as we saw with Nick Foles in week 3, being a good QB and being a good fantasy QB aren’t always the same thing. Kaepernick has been turnover prone and played poorly this season but whenever a team faces the Eagles it’s going to be a high scoring affair. Kaepernick simply is the 49ers offense and his price is too low for the 28 points his team is projected to score.
2) Drew Brees – The Cowboys defense allowed Austin Davis to throw for 300 yards and 3 TDs. How will they do against one of the best QBs in the league?
3) Aaron Rodgers – The Bears weakness is their secondary and despite a poor week 3 Rodgers is one of the top QBs in the league. A bounce-back game is in his future.
4) Ben Roethlisberger – Everyone will be on Le’Veon Bell and the Steelers D this week, but I think this game will be closer than everyone thinks with the Steelers D banged up and Roethlisberger will be forced to throw. His O-Line has been actually protecting him well this season.
5) Tony Romo – He may finally be forced to throw. His price is low and his upside is high.


1) Donald Brown – The Chargers have no one behind him and even though he’s not very talented, he ran 31 times last week and caught 5 balls. He should fair much better against one of the worst run defenses in the league.
2) Lamar Miller – I actually don’t think Miller is very talented, but I expect the Dolphins pass rush to create turnovers and good field position for the Dolphins. Dolphins coach Joe Philbin does not trust Tannehill anymore so I expect a conservative offense with a lot of Miller runs. He has the added benefit of facing possibly the worst run D in the league.
3) Demarco Murray – The Cowboys are finally committed to the run and he should continue to get the ball at home. His ability to catch out of the backfield, his skills as a goal line runner, and the high number of touches he gets every game makes him the complete package at RB.
4) Matt Forte – This guy finally has a good matchup against the Packers D and looks just as good as ever. If Marshall is out, I expect 6+ receptions.
5) Khiry Robinson – Dallas’ front seven is just absolutely terrible and Robinson should reap the benefits.
1) Antonio Brown – Tampa Bay’s pass D is atrocious and Brown is still as consistent as ever. And as I said, I think the Steelers pass more than expected.
2) Brandin Cooks – What I love about Cooks is that he always gets targets and is used sometimes in the run game with sweeps and reverse. When you have someone this dynamic in a high powered offense against a terrible defense, good things will happen. He’s only $6,200 on FanDuel and $5,300 on DraftKings.
3) Michael Crabtree – The 49ers are facing one of the worst pass defenses in the league so I’m taking their best receiver. The Eagles don’t have anyone to shut Crabtree down.
4) Calvin Johnson – He’s practicing again and probably will play against the Jets. The Jets have barely have any starting caliber cornerbacks let alone anyone who can guard Johnson. I like Golden Tate if Johnson doesn’t play.
5) Malcolm Floyd – For someone who plays almost every snap, Floyd is just way too cheap. Ladarius Green’s absence should help him with targets.



1) Jimmy Graham – TE is absolutely barren this week aside from Graham who has a great matchup vs the Cowboys who can’t seem to defend the TE at all.
2) Martellus Bennett – If Marshall is out, look for Bennett to get more looks. Even if Marshall plays Bennett is one of the only healthy receivers on the Bears.
3) Greg Olsen – He’s priced pretty fair but I like his consistency and I believe he’s the #1 option on Carolina. Cam Newton hasn’t been moving out of the pocket this year which helps Olsen tremendously.
4) Antonio Gates – Ladarius Green is probably out which means more snaps for Gates and he’s already facing one of the worst defenses in the league.
5) Andrew Quarless – Quarless finally had a solid game last week and I think he continues to become part of the offense. There are no low salary TEs this week but I think he’s a good option.




1) Dolphins – I was shocked to see the Dolphins so sparsely used in Thursday contests. Their pass rush is fantastic and they should get several sacks and some turnovers against Oakland’s rookie QB in London.
2) Chargers – It looks like they’re improved this season and they always stay fresh because of San Diego’s ball control offense. The Jags have been just absolutely horrible on offense and while I think Bortles does ok, he should make a few mistakes.
3) Lions – This defense is underrated as hell and they’re D-line should create a ton of problems for Geno Smith.




1) Adam Vinatieri – The Colts move it down the field consistently and Vinatieri has the benefit of playing indoors. The Titans inept offense should give the Colts great field position and several chances for Vinatieri.
2) Robbie Gould – Gould is one of the most talented kickers in the league and has the benefit of playing at home for an offense that may be missing their favorite redzone target.
3) Nick Novak – He’s playing for the highest projected offense this week and should get several opportunities. At the very least he’ll get some extra points.

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