How to Make Several Lineups for DraftKings Millionaire Maker

I tweeted last night that I had already made 65 lineups for the Millionaire Maker and planned on making 300 or so by the time the tournament started on Sunday morning. The tweet got a lot of buzz, with several people asking how I can be confident making that many lineups. Every week, I make about 150 lineups between FanDuel and DraftKings. While this number seems daunting, with the right tricks it can actually pretty easy.



Some weeks I really like a specific player. For example, Matt Asiata last week at $4,500 was someone I absolutely loved on DraftKings. The same went for Donald Brown on FanDuel. Sometimes (hopefully, most of the time) a player you just “know” is going to do well has a fantastic game, but sometimes they just dud. While it would’ve been nice to have Asiata in every one of my lineups last week, I would prefer to not put so much risk in one player, because if he ends up with a poor or mediocre game I’ve ruined every chance I have to win a big field tournament, even if my other picks crush. Because of this, I like to diversify my lineups as much as possible, which will sacrifice some of the expected value of my lineups, but raise the chances of hitting big in one of them. So when I have players I love (this week it’s Kelvin Benjamin and Jeremy Maclin) I will only play them in less than 50% of my lineups. If they hit big, then awesome! Now half of my lineups are in a great position to finish big. If they dud, then now I still have half of my lineups alive.

Daily Fantasy is still very new and every week there are a lot of terrible, terrible lineups entered by a significant portion of the field. So you don’t need to always have the theoretical best lineup in order to be profitable. And if you take into account that the Millionaire Maker will almost certainly have an overlay, it becomes ok to take some risks in a few of your lineups even though it may not be the best play.

You may be saying to yourself right now “Ok Max, great, diversify my lineups. But how the hell do I know how much of one player I’m using when I’m looking over 25+ lineups?” This is a valid question, but it’s easily answered by an absoltuely invaluable and simple trick that I use when creating all of my lineups.


Ctrl + F is your Friend

Almost everyone reading this knows what pressing Ctrl + ‘F’ on your keyboard does, but if you’ve been living in a cave for the past 5 years, I’ll explain. Pressing Ctrl and F will bring up a window in your browser that allows you to search for a specific word. If you go to the lineup page on DraftKings, it will show all your lineups on one page. If you search for the word ‘Benjamin” while on this page, it will show you how many times that word comes up. Currently, that number for me is 38, meaning that Kelvin Benjamin is in 38 of my lineups. You can search the name of any player like this to find out how often he’s been used.

So let’s say I search for A.J. Green and I see he’s only been used a 4 times in my lineups, but I’d like to use him more. From then on, for the next 5-10 lineups, I’ll start every new lineup I make by putting Green in, ensuring that he’ll be used more. I check in with varying players throughout the process of making my lineups to see who’s being used more and less than I’d like. While this method is not perfect, it’s an easy way to make sure you aren’t using a player too little or too often.

Using Ctrl + F is also great on Sunday mornings, when weather or a late scratch may force you to remove a player from several or all of your lineups. By using Ctrl + F, you can quickly find that player and replace him and it ensures you that you don’t miss him in any of your Millionaire Maker lineups.


Leaving Extra Money on the Table is OK

Most player’s will try to fill up every dollar of their salary when making a lineup, and while I absolutely recommend that for head to head matchups, leaving $500-$1000 on the table can be beneficial. It will make your lineup be a combo of players that almost no one else will be close to, and sometimes you’re not even really giving up that much expected value. For example, let’s say you have a lineup with Vincent Jackson in it that has used up all the salary, but you haven’t used Benjamin. If I had a choice between Jackson and Benjamin straight up regardless of salary, I’d choose Benjamin every time. So if I replace Jackson with Benjamin, I’ll leave $1,100 on the table but my lineup will actually be better. DraftKings has many mispriced players this week at the WR position, so look to leave money on the table with a mispriced receiver in order to make your lineup as unique as possible. Remember, we want to get 1st, so anything lineup that includes a rare combination of players will be very helpful.

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Max J Steinberg Max Steinberg is a professional poker player and a top Daily Fantasy player who uses his creativity and mathematical abilities he cultivated as a poker player to win money on both DraftKings and FanDuel. He already has several big tournament scores to his name including the Victiv Bowl and countless MLB Monster wins. Follow him on twitter @maxjsteinberg.

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