Ground Ball vs Fly Ball Indicator 8/1

Well, last night worked out quite well with my pick of Michael Brantley. He gave me a huge boost last night, and even though my Fanduel lineup included Salvador Perez, Infante, and Chisenhall, I was still able to put together a great lineup mostly due to Brantley. When the indicator is that strong, it’s very effective and predictive. Read here: if you’d like to read more about why I liked Brantley so much last night.

Ground Ball Pitchers:

Jon Niese (opp – Giants)

Targets: No one – No one on the Giants is a fly ball hitter, so I can’t recommend any of them. However, I will take this time to say that I do not like Buster Posey tonight. He’ll be played a lot facing a lefty, but Niese is a strong ground ball pitcher facing a ground ball hitter in Posey. This is a bad match-up for Posey against a solid pitcher.

Kyle Hendricks (Opp – Reds)

Target: No one – Sadly, no one is a fly ball hitter on the Dodgers besides Scott Van Slyke, who I doubt is playing. I would avoid playing Yasiel Puig tonight, he’s a ground ball hitter facing a ground ball pitcher so this is not a good match up for him.

Fly Ball Pitchers:

Vidal Nuno (opp – Pirates)

Target: Russell Martin – Martin is a ground ball hitter of the rare sort, he’s equally as much of a GB hitter batting against both lefties and righties. This bodes quite well for him as Nuno is an extreme fly ball pitcher and a lefty, creating a great match-up for Martin. He’s also playing in Arizona, a hitters park, which should boost his production even more. He’s sadly slightly overpriced on Fanduel, but these factors should be enough to warrant playing him in several lineups.

Chris Capuano (Opp – Red Sox)

Target: Dustin Pedroia – Pedroia has been poor at best this season and his price has fallen significantly to $2,900. He has an absolutely dream matchup tonight against Chris Capuano who is both a fly ball pitcher and a lefty. Pedroia is much better at home as well. I love him tonight.

Top Targets:
1) Dustin Pedroia
2) Russell Martin

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