Ground Ball vs Fly Ball Indicator 7/31

For a explanation of why I look at these stats, read the beginning of my first article here: This indicator can be a great way to find that under-the-radar play that could provide you with great play you need to win a big GPP.

Fly Ball Pitchers:

Chris Young (opp – Indians)

Target: Michael Brantley – This is an absolute dream match-up for Brantley. He’s a ground ball hitter who rarely strikes out, which means facing such an extreme fly-ball pitcher like Young should benefit him even more than other GB hitters. He also swipes bases, and young is terrible against base-stealers. The only issue is the Indians are inexplicably only projected to score 4.4 runs, and Brantley’s price isn’t exactly low. Still, I’m very confident Brantley has a big game tonight.

Josh Collmenter (opp – Pirates)

Targets: Polanco, Martin, Mercer, and Snider – All the listed players are GB hitters and the Pirates projected to do well tonight. I don’t particularly love any of the players listed, but a few could be part of a Pirates stack.

Ground Ball Pitchers:

Jeff Locke (Opp – Diamondbacks)

Target: No one – No one on the Diamondbacks is an extreme fly ball hitter, although there are plays that I like on their team. I will tell you a player to avoid however, Martin Prado is an extreme ground ball hitter and should not have a good game even though he’s facing a lefty. Mark Trumbo seems to be more of a flyball hitter vs lefties, so this match-up should benefit him.

Top Plays Tonight:

1) Michael Brantley
2) No one else using this indicator.

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