Ground Ball and Fly Ball Pitchers and Hitters 7/29

For a explanation of why I look at these stats, read the beginning of my first article here: This indicator can be a great way to find that under-the-radar play that no one else will use.

Ground Ball Pitchers:

Trevor Cahill (Opp – Reds)

Target: No one – Jay Bruce is close here, he’s a slight fly ball hitter. But I’m looking to only find extreme fly ball hitters against extreme ground ball pitchers like Cahill. Still, it doesn’t hurt Bruce here and he certainly will be one of the top FP/$ plays tonight. Ryan Ludwick and Chris Heisey are also slight flyball hitters, but again I am not recommending them.

Henderson Alvarez (Opp – Nationals)

Target: No one – Sadly, again, no one is a strong fly ball hitter on the Nats. Adam LaRoche and Jason Werth are both slight fly ball hitters, but I can’t recommend them on this indicator alone.

Jose Quintana (opp – Tigers)

Target: Ian Kinsler – I’m surprised the Tigers aren’t expected to score more runs tonight against a bad lefty in Quintana, which makes me slightly wary of picking them tonight. But Kinsler is an extreme Fly Ball hitter, especially against lefties. His salary is reasonable as well, I love him tonight.

Kyle Gibson (opp – Athletics)

Target: Mike Moustakas – this indicator was gold for Moustakas last time around, hitting a home run off an extreme ground ball pitcher. I’m optimistic it will work again. And just for the record, I recommend avoiding the hot Billy Butler, who is an extreme GB hitter and does not match up favorably against Gibson.

Fly Ball Pitchers:

Jared Weaver (Opp – Orioles)

Target: Adam Jones and Manny Machado – Both are way too highly priced to ever consider using on FanDuel, but I’ll be watching intently because this is a strong signal for both of them.

Chris Tillman (Opp – Angels)

Target: Erick Aybar – Aybar is a groundball hitter who is also going to a park in Camden Yards that’s favorable towards lefties. He also strikes out and walks very little, which means this factor will effect him more than most. I wish his price on FanDuel was a little lower, but SS is a weak position tonight so he’ll be in a few of my lineups.

Nick Martinez (Opp – Yankees)

Target: Derek Jeter and Jacoby Ellsbury – I’m not surprised to see Jeter here, he’s had a lot of trouble putting the ball in the air this season. Ellsbury has a prime matchup against a righty and playing in a hitters park, this indicator is icing on the cake. He’ll be in several of my lineups, and I’ll probably use Jeter as well.

Top Plays Tonight:

1) Derek Jeter
2) Mike Moustakas
3) Erick Aybar
4) Ian Kinsler

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