Game Reviews: Saints @ Cowboys and Giants @ Redskins

Saints 17 @ Cowboys 38

The Cowboys completely outplayed the Saints on both sides of the ball and it was more of a blowout than even the score dictated. The game was never close.



Tony Romo – The stats from this game say it all. Those worrying that he was incapable of having a big game this season were dead wrong. He looks like normal Tony Romo and capable of 3 TD, 250+ yard in the right matchup, although the days of 400 yards passing are almost certainly over.

Demarco Murray – I think it’s safe to say Murray is the favorite to win the rushing title this year. He’s always had the talent and the Cowboys have proved week after week this season that they will keep getting him the ball. He should have a field day against the Texans mediocre run D next week.

Terrance Williams – He finally had a good game after doing essentially nothing this season, but his game was more a product of the Saints game plan rather than a great individual performance. The Saints, probably having noticed how often Romo was going to Dez Bryant this season, were double-teaming Bryant all night. Williams plays over 75% of snaps every game so he’s always capable of having a good game every once in a while, but I’m just not buying that we’re going to see Williams do this consistently.

Dez Bryant – He was covered by 2 or 3 defenders all night but still managed a quality game. I think it’s very positive for Bryant that Williams managed a great game in these circumstances because it proves to other defenses that they can’t gameplan like this and get away with it. Bryant is an absolute beast still and I don’t think this game changes my opnion of him at all.

Jason Witten – He had an ok game but I think Witten’s age is catching up with him as he looks a little slow. I wouldn’t expect him to have the 1000+ yard 80+ Rec season that we’re used to seeing so consistently from him every year. I think his low price on DraftKings this year is justified.

Cowboys D/ST – I thought Drew Brees and the Saints offense would absolutely murder this defense but they held their own. While I think part of the reason they did well was the Saints looking totally out of sync and their early lead taking away the Saints Run game, it’s undeniable that the Cowboys D isn’t as terrible as we expected. I think Demarco Murray’s emergence has helped their D by keeping them fresh and off the field. One thing to note is LB Bruce Carter was injured in the 4th QTR and so was Orlando Scandrick and after they left the game the Cowboys D was gashed. Their health is something to look out for in week 5.



Drew Brees – His receivers really let him down with several drops and 2 key fumbles. The whole offense looked out of sync, really. That being said, I’d be shocked if they don’t bounce back in a big way against Tampa Bay back home in the Superdome in week 5.

Khiry Robinson – Looked great in the run game but only got 8 carries. It was nice to see Robinson get 3 targets in the passing game since he didn’t seem like a pass-catcher prior to this game. I think he’s significantly undervalued as the clear #1 runner for New Orleans.

Pierre Thomas – Looks like the Saints have no desire to use Thomas in the running game and he split time as a passing catching RB with a player named Travaris Cadet. He only played a 1/3 of the Saints snaps and it seems that he’s not going to be as much a

Jimmy Graham – Graham didn’t look great in this game. He had a few drops, a fumble, and didn’t have his 2nd reception until half way through the 3rd quarter. His night was saved by a garbage time TD drive in the 4th quarter. This game has me slightly worried but I’ll call it a fluke until Graham proves otherwise.

Marques Colston –He didn’t have a big game or a TD but did get 10 targets. Most daily fantasy players have started prefer Cooks over Colston but it seems foolish to think the emergence of Cooks is going to make Colston obsolete. With such a reasonable price he should be great next week against the Buccaneers.

Brandin Cooks – Cooks was a hot pick this week but he failed to do anything in this game, catching only 5 balls on 6 targets for 31 yards. I still give him an edge over Colston because the Saints use him so much in the short passing game, but it’s possible we’ve been overrating this rookie.

Saints D/ST – This defense has been terrible all year and last night was no exception. They’re very bad against the passing game.


Giants 45 @ Redskins 14

I’ll keep this summary short since most of you saw this game and it was a total blowout.



Eli Manning – Wow! Manning looked incredible in this game, methodically picking apart the Redskins defense throughout the entire game. The Redskins secondary is terrible and banged up but I was impressed by how decisive and accurate (shocking I know) that Manning was. He has a great matchup vs the Falcons in week 5 but as everyone who’s played daily fantasy the last couple of years know, Manning has disappointed everytime coming off a good game into a good matchup. I’m not superstitious though, and with the Giants projected to score 26+ points next week it’s hard to not like Manning and his dirt cheap price.

Rashad Jennings – If you are just looking at the box score, you might worry that Andre Williams is starting to take carries away from Jennings. However, Jennings was essentially rested in the 2nd half and got the bulk of the carries in the 1st half. Absolutely do not fall for this trick and go with Williams next week, stick with Jennings if you’re going to use a Giants RB.

Victor Cruz – Looked good for a 2nd straight week. His price is depressed and is a great value next week.

Rueben Randle – After watching him the first 4 games of the season I feel like he’s emerged as a legitimate #2 options. He was targeted 10 times in this game and I would not be surprised to see 7-10 targets each game for the rest of the year.

Larry Donnell – Donnell has the poor defense of Perry Riley Jr. to thank for his 3 TDs, Riley may be the worst cover LB in the NFL. Donnell’s great performance was more of a function of poor defense and some great Manning passes in the redzone, but as I’ve stated in earlier articles Donnell is legit.

Giants D/ST – I wouldn’t look into their game too much, Kirk Cousins was absolutely awful and the mistakes piled up for the Redskins. They are a mediocre defense and I don’t expect a repeat performance of this anytime soon.



Kirk Cousins – If John Madden were announcing this game, he may have said something like, “Kirk Cousins was as bad this week as he was good last week.” It was astounding how many mistakes he made after being almost mistake free against the Eagles the week before. As strange as this sounds, I think Cousins is still a high upside QB going forward and I expect him to have several 300 yard games in his future, but against the Seahawks I’ll be avoiding him entirely.

Pierre Garcon/DeSean Jackson – Neither had good games which was more of a function of Cousins terrible game. Garcon was targeted more often than Jackson once again and is the WR to play on the Redskisn going forward.

Niles Paul – If it weren’t for a concussion early in the 1st half, Paul would have probably topped 100 yards in this game. At this point, it’s hard to ignore Paul’s consistency and he’s a great play going forward and a sneaky GPP play against the Seahawks.

Alfred Morris – Morris looked solid again and what was especially encouraging was seeing him used in the passing game, something that rarely happened last season. I’d keep an eye on this going forward since 3-5 catches a game would significantly improve his DraftKings value.

Roy Helu – The blowout nature of this game led Helu to see a lot of plays but don’t expect him to do this again. But if Morris gets injured at any point during the season, Helu is a fantastic play.

Redskins D/ST – The players who used the Redskins D/ST against the turnover happy Giants got killed but I’m not totally shocked. Without Deangelo Hall, the Redskins secondary is just terrible and they’re solution was to put the worst LB in pass coverage in the whole league on Donnell or sometimes even a WR. They did pretty well against the run considering the circumstances but I expect them to get gashed in the passing game week after week. Expect Percy Harvin to just wreck the Redskins secondary next week.

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  1. Daniel SteinbergDaniel Steinberg

    Totally agree about Harvin next week. The Redskins seem like a mini-Jets with a great D-line but awful secondary. I think we will see a more pass happy Seahawks team next week.

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