Game Reviews: ARI @ NYG, DAL @ TEN, and JAX @ WAS

This article is a continuation of our game reviews. We’ll be reviewing every week 2 game in the NFL in preparation for week 3 in daily fantasy.


Cardinals 25 – Giants 14


Game Summary: It was a sloppy game from both teams, and was close until the 4th quarter where key mistakes by the Giants and a Ted Ginn Jr. punt return for a TD sealed the deal for Arizona.

Beyond the Box Score: I felt the Giants actually looked reasonable on offense and showed some promise. While they undeniably made some terrible turnovers, I don’t think their offense is as bad as advertised.




Stanton – Looked terrible the entire game really. I’m selling the Cardinals offense as a whole until Palmer comes back.

Floyd – He didn’t get many of targets and I fault Stanton. I think he’ll be overlooked week 3 and could be a sneaky play against a 49ers team who’s D just doesn’t seem very good this year.

Fitzgerald – He got several targets early and had a TD taken away on the 1st drive when the review showed he barely did not break the plane to score and Dwyer ended up vulturing. He looked very good and it seems like week 1 was just a fluke.

Ellington – It surprised me to see that Ellington doesn’t look particularly slowed from his foot injury. Stanton was not looking to check down ever which explains the 1 reception. I actually think he’s a safe play going forward and with Dwyer now suspended indefinitely he should get more Redzone action.

Cardinals D/ST – I don’t have much to say here other than they seem like a middle of the pack defense.




Manning – Moved the ball well 1st drive but it ended with a bizarre and somewhat unlucky interception. The Giants new offense is a west coast style with a lot of 5-12 yard passes, and it looked pretty good at times. Manning had 2 INTs but the 2nd one was essentially in garbage time. The story in the media will be that the Giants continued to be inept on offense and while I’m not exactly bullish on them I think the perception of them is totally blown out of proportion. I wouldn’t hesitate to target Manning in a good matchup if the price is right.

Jennings – Was not good as a runner at all, but will get a lot of targets in the passing game. He was very, very good with space when receiving. Giants are very committed to the run so Jennings should get his touches every game. He also had their sole goal line carry which is encouraging. Jennings had a terrible unforced fumble that killed the Giants but he came back in on the final drive so I doubt he’ll get less playing time in the future because of it.

Cruz – Very solid hands in 1st half. Had a TD taken away by a blatant Peterson interference. In the 2nd half he looked more like the Cruz people have been talking about. He had a terrible drop in the 2nd half, and 2 tough missed catches. Overall, he played ok and in no way is he unplayable.

Randle – Looked very good in the 1st half, had a great catch in the corner of the end zone with Peterson all over him. For the right price could be a nice target.

Donnell – Great hands, got plenty of targets in the pass game. Had two great catches in the 4th quarter. This guy is for real and I’ll continue to use him on both DraftKings and FanDuel.

Giants D/ST – Their pass D looked good but Stanton was so bad. Their D seems ok overall, they get decent pressure from the D-line and CBs can make plays. As long as the Giants offense continues to struggle it will be hard to play them but maybe somewhere down the road they could be a play.


Cowboys 26 – Titans 10


Game Summary: The Cowboys dominated the entire game on both sides of the ball. Murray and Bryant carried the load for Dallas while Locker and the Titans receiving core struggled to get anything going.

Beyond the Box Score: The Titans straight up abandoned the run early and a lack of separation from the Titans receiving core and some terrible throws from Locker doomed them from the start.




Romo – A sack and a fumble killed their first 2 drives in the 1st quarter and the O-line really got owned. Romo wasn’t getting a lot of time and there were countless drive killing sacks in the 1st half. While Romo looked ok overall, it is hard to target him in the future since Dallas seems to be inspired to run more often with Murray.

Murray – You didn’t have to watch the game to know this, but Murray is a fast and powerful runner. He clearly has the talent to be a top back if they continue to feed him the ball. That being said, the Titans run D was giving him a lot of holes so it’s possible the matchups here are making Murray look better. My sense is that he keeps this up in the future.

Bryant – Was actually injured early in the game, but came back. Was targeted constantly and I must say he is a beast. He was basically the only guy Romo looked at. On the drive where he scored a TD, Dallas had a 2nd and 2 and a 3rd and 2 in the redzone and ran the same route to Bryant both plays. He is undeniably going to be a consistent redzone target. Obviously, this is nothing new, but it was encouraging to see.

Williams – Barely targeted all game, Romo looks at Bryant a lot. I can’t just count out Williams completely but he showed me nothing encouraging in this game.

Witten – Didn’t have a great game on paper but looked healthy (although maybe a little slow) and normal and he was getting open. I don’t see why he wouldn’t have quality games in the future. Was clearly Romo’s #2.

Cowboys D/ST – Secondary actually played well, although PFF didn’t rate them well so it’s possible it was just the Titans receiving core. Curious about how they’ll do against a team that sticks with the run since their front 7 seems so bad. While the Titans, especially Locker, looked horrible, the defense looked better than I expected. Still, it would be ridiculous to ever use them in daily fantasy.




Locker – Early in the game, his WRs were not getting open at all, and Locker tried to force it to them anyway. This resulted in a horrible, horrible INT in the 2nd quarter. And then Locker started to throw the some terrible, wobbly balls for the rest of the game. Still, it seemed like his WRs were never open. Going off this game I would never play Locker again but I know he’s incredibly inconsistent.

Wright – Failed to get separation early. Seems talented with the ball in his hands. He did well to start the 2nd half, and is clearly their most talented receiver. Should be targeted often if the Titans are down.

Hunter – Failed to get separation. Was rarely looked to and not sure if it was because of coverage or because of Locker missing him. Locker stopped looking deep early and I think it hurt him because his avg depth of route is so deep. Was looked to a little more in the 2nd half. Seems like an ideal gpp play since when he hits it should be on a lot of deep routes.

Washington – Failed to get separation. Dropped a tough throw but was open. He’s essentially Justin Hunter except much worse. I have no desire to target this guy at all in the future.

Walker – Seemed like the only one on the Titans who could get open but Dallas’ linebackers are bad in coverage so it makes sense. Very fast as well, on his TD he out ran Dallas’ secondary. I feel like his stats were deceiving, he was targeted a lot mostly by virtue of Locker giving up on his entire receiving core. I doubt he repeats his performance and I would not target him and his inflated price next week.

Greene – Ran better than Sankey when he had the opportunities. Sadly, he only got 5 carries. The Titans totally abandoned the run after getting down in the game so if you ever target Greene make sure that you are confident they will be up in the game.

Sankey – Seems to have taken a back seat to Mccluster. Obviously he’s not in play in daily fantasy and honestly I’d drop him in season long leagues.

Titans D/ST – Was getting absolutely owned in the running game and it wasn’t just the talent of Murray. Once Murray got to the 2nd level he destroyed them. Pass D seemed ok. Great pass rush. Jacksonville comes to mind as a team they would match up well against. Would have absolutely been raped by Dallas if it wasn’t for their great pass rush. Given the Bengals run game and great defense I wouldn’t be shocked if they get absolutely murdered next week.


Jaguars 10 – Redskins 41


Game Summary: RG3 got hurt in the 1st quarter and Kirk Cousins took over and absolutely picked apart the Jaguars D. This was a rout plain and simple.

Beyond the Box Score: Henne was sacked 10 times but I don’t totally blame the O-line or even Henne himself. He held the ball a long time for several of those sacks and it seemed like the receivers on the Jags could not get open. Overall, the Jags looked as inept as the box score suggests.




Cousins – He looked incredibly comfortable and seems to have a knack for reading defenses. He would routinely go through his progressions and hit his 2nd or 3rd options. He also threw the ball down the field unlike RG3 in week 1. My feeling for the Eagles game is he almost certainly will have an ok game, and he has the upside to top 20 points, but it’s hard to be certain in a situation like this. In two words, I’m hesitantly optimistic.

Desean Jackson – Got slightly open on some deep routes before he got injured. I’d like to say I have some idea of how Jackson may do facing the Eagles in Week 3 but I have absolutely no idea. It does seem like Cousins is good at reading defenses so he has that going for him. We can’t forget how big of a threat this guy can be.

Pierre Garcon – Simply was rarely targeted all game and didn’t make any tough catches. Had a chance for a TD in the 3rd quarter but failed to make a tough play. I would avoid playing him until we see how he works with Cousins.

Andre Roberts – Was actually used sometimes as the #1 in single WR sets. Played well when targeted and also has the bonus of returning punts. I doubt he ever has a massive game but is an intriguing GPP play in the future.

Alfred Morris – As good as advertised. He’s not the type of player who’s going to run away for a TD but he’s a solid runner and the Redskins clear goal-line guy. Doesn’t catch out of the backfield at all so he’s better for FanDuel.

Helu – He looks like a good player when he gets the opportunity. If Morris ever goes down with injury I love him.

Darrel Young – Actually caught a 20 yard pass for a TD, but he rarely runs or is targeted in the pass game. It would be ridiculous to ever use him in daily fantasy.

Niles Paul – I wasn’t a believer in Paul coming into this game but he looked good again. He got wide open several times and was a constant target in the pass game. I can’t help but feel worried though, 2 games does not make a player and he showed late in the game his normal hands of stone when he dropped a very easy ball. But, minutes later, he caught a tough fade route in the endzone. In the end, I would not use Paul in heads up or 50/50’s but he seems like a viable GPP play.

Redskins D/ST – The addition of Jason Hatcher seems to have vastly improved their pass rush, but the secondary still looks bad aside from David Amerson. Hall was absolutely burned for no reason early in the game but was bailed out by a drop. Amerson also was burned frequently last year. Against the Eagles in week 3, I expect some big mistakes. Their run D obviously looked good and their young MILB Keenan Robinson looks good replacing London Fletcher, but I expect them to be more of a middle of the pack D.




Henne – Henne seemed to hold the ball for a long time, not sure if his WRs just weren’t getting open, but it seems plausible. The O-line also didn’t help him. The Jags are just absolutely barren in talent at the skill positions so it’s hard for Henne to succeed.

Lee – Did absolutely nothing and it’s not like the Redskins have a quality secondary.

Hurns – Had an absolutely atrocious drop early that would have been a certain 75 yard TD. Did little after that but looked better than Lee.

Lewis – Was lucky on his long TD when the (now cut) Bacarri Rambo totally misplayed him and missed a tackle. He wasn’t targeted at all. He’s injured now anyway.

Gerhart – Gerhart looks slow and his O-Line didn’t make any holes. I don’t buy that the Skins have a good run D, the Jags just seem totally inept in the run game.

Jaguars D/ST – They seem like one of the worst defenses in the league. Lots of holes in the running game and were gashed in the passing game. Their special teams looked fine.

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