Game Reviews: Rams at Bucs, Patriots at Vikings, Chiefs at Broncos

Rams @ Bucs

Game Summary:

A really sloppy game with bad red zone turnovers. It was hard to tell if the offenses were just really bad or the defenses were really good or a mix of the two. The turnovers seemed to be more of a product of offensive mistakes than defensive plays.


  • Rainey… just wow, really good RB. He looks extremely athletic, constantly avoided tackles, and was tough to bring down. He ran out of the backfield on short routes a ton rather than block but McCown didn’t look for him that much. Starter Doug Martin is questionable this week with a knee injury, but if he doesn’t play I’d absolutely start Rainey against a weak Falcons defense. I’d also try to grab him in your season long leagues.
  • Also a positive for Rainey was the conservative Bucs offense. It doesn’t look like Josh McCown is getting the green light.
  • Both Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans looked good when they got targeted. Jackson made a crazy leaping grab that was somehow omitted from SportsCenter. If we see McCown with upwards of 30 pass attempts, I imagine Evans and Jackson will have good games.
  • McCown looked decent, and he managed to run it in twice in the redzone.



  • Offense just looks awful with Davis at QB.
  • Brian Quick had a decent fantasy day, but most of his catches were quick slants where the CB seemed to give way too big of a cushion.
  • Stacy is a big back that should find the end zone close to the goal line, but not very impressive otherwise.
  • I just can’t imagine picking anyone on this team for Daily Fantasy besides Greg Zuerlin. Legatron really lives up to his name, every field goal was right down the middle.


Patriots @ Vikings

Game Summary:

The Vikings got it going early, but after the first TD it was all Patriots on both sides of the ball. It looked like a 50-7 rather than 30-7 game. Chandler Jones ended up blocking a field goal and running it in for a TD. Offensively, the Patriots looked good, they just didn’t end up getting a lot of plays because of the great field position and defensive TDs.


  • Edelman seems to be a lot more comfortable this year in Wes Welker’s former position on the team. Edelman caught basically everything thrown his way. 7 targets doesn’t seem like much but that actually makes up 1/3rd of Brady’s total pass attempts. It’s encouraging to see his TD coming in the red zone on a post route. Edelman is extremely impressive as a regular punt returner, and should use that elusiveness for long TDs on occasion. I also would not be shocked to see him with a punt return TD or two this season. I really like him going forward.
  • Shane Vereen was a huge dud this week, but it was mostly because he barely saw the field. The Patriots seem to only see him as a passing down back and because they were so far ahead he didn’t see the field that much. This week the Patriots are double digit favorites so I would avoid him, but I think he could be good in road games when the Patriots are underdogs.
  • Brady really looked pretty good, but he just didn’t pass the ball very much.
  • Ridley got 2 TDs, but he’s really not that impressive of a back, and we know in the past that if he fumbles Belichek will take him out for the rest of the game. He got lucky that the Patriots were on the goal line so much. I can’t imagine him scoring otherwise.
  • Gronkowski doesn’t look like he’s the beast we’re used to yet. He looks slow and is not seeing full snaps yet. It may just be a matter of getting back in game shape after suffering so many injuries.
  • The Patriots Defense looked incredible. Their secondary is unreal and Chandler Jones was getting pressure all day. Jones looks like he’s really making strides and may make a big leap this year. I think you should be all over this defense this week against the Raiders.



  • I was a little shocked to see Cordarrelle Patterson look like an NFL WR. I imagined before this game that Patterson was used a lot like Tavon Austin on the Rams, where he didn’t excel in the passing game but did well on screen passes and reverses. Patterson is definitely running routes and getting open, and seems like easily the #1 WR on the team. I like him moving forward.
  • Asiata is a really big dude. His TD was more of blown coverage than anything else. He doesn’t strike me as more than a goal line back, but it looks like he’ll be the #1 back moving forward. McKinnon didn’t really show anything, but I would not be shocked if McKinnon takes over the lead RB role at some point this season. McKinnon was not eye opening, but he did show some elusiveness and strength.
  • The rest of the team just looked terrible.


Chiefs @ Broncos

Game Summary:

The Broncos played beautifully on offense, but had a remarkably low time of possession of just 23 minutes. The Chiefs struggled all day long but were buoyed by a lot of bad penalties by the Denver defense.


  • Peyton Manning shows you what playing perfectly at the QB position is like week in and week out and last weeks game was no different. The Broncos’ offense just looks masterful. I don’t think age matters, he’s going to be great again this year.
  • I actually texted Sked and Max to ask if Montee Ball got injured because all I saw on the field was CJ Anderson. It didn’t look like that Anderson was giving Ball a breather, but rather sharing the carries. Anderson looked good in his limited action. Ball, however, did end up getting 38 out of 52 snaps. I think Ball should bounce back and have great games, but overall the running game did not look very polished and Ball wasn’t making something out of nothing.
  • All the Broncos receivers looked impressive, especially Demaryius Thomas who seemed to catch pretty much anything thrown in his direction. Emmanuel Sanders seems to be an excellent route runner because every time the ball is thrown to him he seems wide open. Julius Thomas looked good as well. The production from all 3 was not great, but it seemed more of a function of only 52 offensive snaps.
  • The Broncos defense looked a lot better than the box score would suggest. They mostly just had a lot of dumb penalties that cost them. But other than that I thought they were very impressive.



  • Knile Davis did not seem like a great runner, but we all know in Andy Reid’s offense RBs thrive. I like him a lot just because of the system, but I wouldn’t say he was that impressive. It didn’t help that the offensive line got no push and did a bad job blocking in the screen game.
  • The rest of the offense was just a mess. I don’t think Smith looked that bad, but his receiving core is awful. Receivers just could not make any catches that weren’t extremely easy. Kelce was somewhat impressive as a pass catching TE even though he split time with Fasano.
  • I think Kelce and Davis are worthwhile fantasy targets, but its going to be tough when the Chiefs offense is not going to move the ball well. They honestly looked like one of the worst teams in the league.



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