Game Review: ARI @ DEN

ARI 20 – DEN 41

Warning: If you’re a Peyton Manning fan, what you’re about to read may make you angry or disgusted.

Let’s get right into it:

              • I’m probably going to be flamed for saying this. Some of you may stop reading this review altogether after reading these words, but I’m just telling you what I saw. Peyton Manning did not look great. Those wobbly throws and ducks we saw in Seattle, throws that we were very concerned about 2 weeks ago, were still abundant. You may be thinking, “He had 479 yards and 4 TDs, how can you even say that!” But I think Mannings amazing day was aided by several factors:
                1) Demaryius Thomas was outstanding. He created several big plays on his way to a 226 yard day and, yes, Manning got him the ball. But I credit Thomas a lot more than Manning here. Also, the Cardinals idiotically decided to put Anotonio Cromartie on D. Thomas instead of Peterson. I doubt they’ll make that mistake ever again.
                2) Do you want to guess how many greater than 3 play drives Arizona had in the 2nd half. I’ll tell you: 0. Aside from a 1 play drive that resulted in a long Andre Ellington score, the Cardinals went 3 and out every possession. Playing on the road in the 2nd half, their defense was just absolutely gassed, and any offense would have had an easy time against them like the Broncos did.
                3) It was a perfect day, there was little wind and it was warm.

Many daily fantasy players are going to be jumping on Manning’s matchup against the Jets this weekend, but I won’t. The matchup is good, yes, but on the road with some possible weather this weekend in New York, I’m concerned and I doubt he’s worth his high price, especially on DraftKings. I’d much rather go with Matt Ryan in Atlanta’s almost certain shootout against the Bears. That being said, I will use some Manning in tournaments because of his upside, I just won’t be using him a lot.

Matt Ryan may be a better play than Peyton Manning this weekend.

Matt Ryan may be a better play than Peyton Manning this weekend.

              • Onto non-Manning analysis. Julius Thomas had a great game and caught 2 TDS. One of them was Manning’s 500th TD pass on a route that was extremely similar to Gates’ 1st TD this weekend vs the Jets Antonio Allen. I felt by watching how the Jets handled Gates (put a bad cornerback on him most of the game) that Julius Thomas would probably also do well this weekend, and this just reinforced that. I don’t usually make plays based on only what I see, but I think this is a great tourney play considering that the Jets appear statistically to be good against the TE.
              • I think it says something the Sanders was still able to pick up 100 yards in the air while being covered by Patrick Peterson all game. Sanders is legit.
              • Montee Ball is out for several weeks and he was replaced by Ronnie Hillman in this game. Hillman seems decent but had some big holes, I don’t expect him to outperform Ball much if at all.
              • Let’s talk about John Brown. I swear to god everytime I watch the Cardinals, this guy is breaking away deep for a TD. Early in the 1st quarter, he was open deep for a long TD, but the ball was barely off his hands. If there’s any team that’s going to get burned by Brown, it’s the Redskins, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him have a good game this week.
              • Michael Floyd had a poor game, but he’s healthy and I expect him to bounce back against the Redskins this week.
              • Logan Thomas went 1-8 and looked utterly inept. Thomas will clearly be better with a full week of practice, but this isn’t a Drew Stanton situation. Thomas was more of a runner in college and there’s a reason he’s 3rd string. Even against a terrible Redskins secondary, he’s not going to have an easy time. I’d be worried about targeting anyone but Andre Ellington on Arizona, unless Palmer plays.
              • Arizona’s defense was torched, but as I stated earlier they were absolutely gassed after the string of short drives by Arizona. They’re still a quality defense and, I hate to say it, are a possible fantasy option against Washington.

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