Strong Contrarian Plays For The DraftKings Millionaire Maker

The guys in this article aren’t going to be the best point per dollar plays of the week. The best plays for a large, top heavy payout tournament are going to be the highest upside players and the lowest used players. The following picks will be the best of a combination of those factors.

LeSean McCoy ($7800)

A common question players have in their fantasy leagues this week is: Should I trade LeSean McCoy? McCoy has had an awful season, despite having no injury issues whatsoever and his team performing quite well. Most of McCoy’s troubles could be attributed to injuries to their star offensive lineman Evan Mathis and suspension of another good lineman Lane Johnson. Johnson returns from his four game suspension against the Rams, which should bolster McCoy’s production. However, Mathis isn’t expected to return until Week 10.

The thing is, McCoy has always been a high variance back. Even in his great season last year, McCoy had 3 games in a row where he failed or barely topped 50 yards rushing and failed to score a TD. The matchup this week against St. Louis, who is generally thought of as a good defense, is a sneakily good one. St. Louis has not been good against the run this year, and the Eagles are a top 5 projected offense this week. They are also big favorites, which should bode well for a more conservative Eagles attack. Both are good signs for McCoy.

I suspect given the past two weeks performance people will look at McCoy’s price and shy away. He is actually the 2nd highest salary RB of the week, which makes no sense given recent performances. Because of the upside and likely 1% or less usage, I like McCoy a lot in the Millionaire Maker.

Cam Newton/Kelvin Benjamin Combo ($7200/$4800) 

Lot’s of players will play Benjamin this week, who is a rookie sensation with an extremely low salary. The guy people won’t be on his Newton, who will benefit from the positive correlation he has with Benjamin’s performance. If Benjamin does have a huge game, Newton will too.

Newton has a lot going for him this week. First off, the Panthers running game is in shambles. They are starting undrafted rookie Darrin Reaves, who averaged a paltry 2 yards per carry last week after the Panthers lost Deangelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, and Mike Tolbert to injury. The Panthers should score all their points passing the ball next week with such a poor running game, which should mean tons of points for Newton and Benjamin. Newton’s middle of the pack salary is just icing on the cake of why the Newton/Benjamin combo should be very good this week.

Brandon Marshall ($7200)

Marshall has been hurt all season, occasionally causing him to miss parts of games and generally has been bad for his production. Subsequently, his price has went down and his questionable status each week has caused people to shy away. Reports are that Marshall is finally healthy this week, news that only hit the public last night.

With the Millionaire Maker nearly 2/3rds full already, it’s unlikely many of those entries have Marshall in the lineup. However, Marshall is one of the best WRs in the league, and while the matchup this week isn’t great against the Panthers, the Bears have the 3rd highest point projection of teams that are 3 point underdogs or more. The Panthers lost their number one cornerback Captain Munnerlyn to free agency, so their pass defense is not that good anymore. Marshall seems like a strong play who won’t be used in a lot of entries.

Reggie Bush $6200

Basically anyone who has a positive injury news this week should be a strong play, because they are unlikely to be highly used. There’s no one who has had injuries make a larger impact this week than Reggie Bush. Joique Bell and Theo Riddick are both out for the Lions, which means they will have no choice but use Bush on a majority of snaps. Bush normally plays under 50% of snaps, so these injuries should increase his touches drastically. Bush has been a pretty weak play this season as he’s lost a lot of snaps to Joique Bell, and against a good Bills run defense you wouldn’t expect a strong game. Nonetheless, the Lions have a top ten point projection this week and are big favorites. Expect Bush to have a strong game despite the matchup,



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