DraftKings vs FanDuel Salary Tool

Knowing every players salary on DraftKings and FanDuel can be really tough. Sometimes, you like a guy on one site, but since he’s overpriced, you don’t touch him. Then on Monday you look and see “Holy crap, that guy was only $4600 on DraftKings, I should have played him!” There’s no reason why finding mispriced players cannot be done through automation, and that’s precisely what we did.

DraftKings vs Fanduel Salary Tool

The best part of this tool is a metric created by Max and I called DIFF Factor, which the above page is automatically sorted by. What DIFF Factor attempts to do is quantify exactly who are the most mispriced players on both FanDuel and Draftkings. Strong positive values indicate a much lower effective price on DraftKings, while strong negative values mean a much lower effective price on FanDuel.

You Can’t Simply Look At Salary Differences

The salary structure at each site is vastly different, both in minimum salary and total salary cap. With that said, quantifying true salary differences is not well done by simply subtracting a players salary on one site compared to the other. For example, the min salary on FanDuel is $4500, while the min salary on DraftKings is $3000 (not including defense). Two min salary players will show a large DIFF despite not having different effective salaries at all. FanDuel also has a higher effective salary cap of $60000 versus $50000 on DraftKings, which makes it much easier on FanDuel to roster higher priced players.

With our DIFF metric, we take those factors into consideration, as well as weighting higher salary players as having more important salary differences. For example, we intuitively know that the salary difference for Emmanuel Sanders is more significant than Carlos Hyde, even though the actually salary difference is exactly the same, $2900 (These are Week 5 salaries, when this article was written). This is because Sanders is a much more skilled players than Hyde, so the salary difference is a lot more important.

Why Are High Priced QBs Showing Up As Huge FanDuel Mispricing?

You may noticed if you sort DIFF Factor in descending order that all these high priced players, mostly QBs, are at the top of the list. Why is this? The reason is that because of FanDuel’s min salary and effective salary cap, high priced players tend to be much better values on FanDuel than on DraftKings, despite their salaries being close to the same in absolute terms. FanDuel has a salary range that is much tighter than on DraftKings, which makes high priced players a lot more affordable in relative terms.

Use Our Tool For DraftKings Millionaire Maker

Make sure to check out this tool before making lineups for The Millionaire Maker tournament on DraftKings this coming weekend. This tournament should have a large overlay, and only paying $27 for a shot at $1,000,000 dollars is an opportunity well worth the investment. Our tool should help increase your edge against the field.

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