DraftKings Vs FanDuel: Mispriced Players

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One way to find good value plays on DraftKings and FanDuel is to simply look at the differences in pricing of players between the sites. While the pricing algorithms aren’t perfect, they do usually do an ok job at pricing players, so when there is a huge descrepency in prices between the sites, it almost certainly means there’s a good value play there.

All differences are FanDuel salary minus DraftKings Salary.


DraftKings Mispricings


Frank Gore $2,000 difference

Running backs who don’t catch many passes like Gore, are usually priced lower on DraftKings because of the PPR vs half PPR factor. Still, he has an unbelievable matchup vs Dallas week 1 and he’s still clearly the 49ers #1 back.

Ben Tate $2,200 difference

This is a massive mispricing based on Tate’s status as back-up running back last year. He’s now the starter for the Browns, and while their offense will be inept this year Tate is a good RB who also catches passes. His week 1 matchup against the Steelers looks scarier than it is, the Steelers lost some key players on the front 7 this year and should be a middle of the pack D. While I don’t expect Tate to light it up, I could easily see 80 yards rushing, a few catches, and a TD which would be amazing for a player who is only $5,200.

Jason Witten $2,000 difference

I have no idea why Witten is priced so low but what I do know is he’s one of my top choices at TE week 1. His matchup with the 49ers seems scarier than it is. Dallas is a pretty big underdog and the 49ers D is stout against the run, which means the Cowboys will be forced to pass a lot in this game. They actually are projected to score 22.5 points by Sportsbooks, which is on the higher side. If Witten catches 5 passes, he doesn’t even need to score a TD to hit value.

Le’Veon Bell $1,600 difference

If Bell starts week 1 (it looks like there’s a good chance he will), he’ll be the #1 starter for the Steelers and a great value play. Bell is a perfect player for DraftKings since he is a solid pass-catcher, and with the Steelers projected to dominate this game, Bell should get a ton of touches. I’m slightly worried about LeGarrette Blount vulturing TDs from Bell, but his price is low enough where we’re very happy about playing Bell week 1.

FanDuel Mispricings
Jeremy Maclin -$700 difference

With the departure of Desean Jackson in the offseason, it looks like Maclin will be the #1 starter in Philly’s high-powered offense. He inexplicably is priced $500 over min-salary, which is absolutely insane given his potential to be the highest scoring WR week 1. The Eagles are projected to score over 31 points against the Jaguars, so it makes sense to use their best WR regardless of his price. He’s also low priced on DraftKings as well, so use him on both FanDuel and DraftKings week 1 and you will be rewarded nicely, I promise.

Peyton Manning $100 difference

There is almost no difference in Manning’s salary between sites, but I think that’s a mispricing. Because of FanDuel’s half ppr format and lack of bonuses for big games, quarterbacks are almost always the highest scoring plays on FanDuel. Manning’s Broncos are projected to score 31 points in week 1, and you know he will be a big part of that scoring. He certainly is the favorite to be the highest scoring player of the week, so I think he’s an easy play with such a reasonable price.


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