DFS Target Watch: Week 4

Targets are an essential part of week-to-week evaluation. They allow us to see which receivers are getting the most opportunities, and targets can be very predictive of future performance when applied correctly. Here are some of the most targeted receivers in Week 4, as well as some of the least targeted, and my thoughts on their games.


The Studs

DeAndre Hopkins (22 Targets) – I had Hopkins in my week 3 article under the ‘Studs’ section because game after game he continued to get targets in this Texans offense. In week 4, his targets were off the charts, although it was somewhat aided by a blowout. Still, with both Cecil Shorts and Nate Washington potentially out Thursday night, how can you not love this guy? Hopkins should continue to see target numbers from the 10-16 range for the rest of the season.

Demaryius Thomas (12 Targets) – Peyton Manning is not the same QB he was last year, but Demaryius Thomas still should get about 12 targets a game and his production won’t drop too much.

Brandon Marshall (11 Targets) – Marshall is a great wide receiver, even with Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing to him.

A.J. Green (10 Targets) – If it weren’t for a blowout, this number may have been higher. Dalton only threw 24 times. Green is clearly a top 10, maybe even top 5, receiver this year.

Larry Fitzgerald (9 Targets) – Another great game for Fitzgerald, who has been playing signifcant time in the slot this season and it may be elevating his game.


The Surprises

Allen Hurns (15 Targets) – Looking deep into the box score, this was partly due to Hurns not being covered by Vontae Davis in this game, but Hurns has been quietly consistent this season. He’s averaged almost 8 targets a game this season.

Vincent Jackson (15 Targets) – Dare I say that Jackson has some chemistry with Jameis Winston? He’s on pace for a 76 catch, 1200 yard season. That being said, I don’t love Jackson, but he’s definitely on my radar in a good matchup.

T.Y. Hilton (13 Targets) – Despite playing with backup Matt Hassellback, Hilton still drew 13 targets. With Andrew Luck almost certainly back Thursday night, I actually like Hilton quite a bit. He’s under performed this season and his price is very good on both DraftKings and FanDuel.

Jeremy Maclin (13 Targets) – I don’t think Maclin gets these targets without Smith throwing 45 times, but I think at this point he’s proved that he’s not just a product of Chip Kelly’s system. He gets the Bear secondary next week and still has a great price on FanDuel.

Jamison Crowder (12 Targets) – Who? Washington’s talented rookie receiver became the #3 in Washington’s offense and played exclusively out of the slot. With an expected blowout going to Atlanta next week, I actually like Crowder quite a bit as a close to min-priced option on DraftKings, as long as Andre Roberts is still inactive and especially if Jordan Reed is still out.

John Brown (10 Targets) – This was more of what we were expecting of Brown this season. But Michael Floyd seems to be back and I think everyone in this offense handcuffs each other here, especially with David Johnson getting looks in the passing game. That being said, we’re going to see a deep bomb to Brown sometime this season, could it happen against the 0-4 Lions?

Mike Wallace (10 Targets) – Teddy Bridgewater isn’t going to throw 41 times much this season, but when he does throw he’s going to target Mike Wallace, who somehow has become an underrated WR. That being said, he’s off my radar until week 7 against the Lions.

Eddie Royal (10 Targets) – With Alshon Jeffery out, and Jay Cutler back, Royal has actually become a great cheap option in the passing game. The Chiefs secondary was awful against Randall Cobb out of the slot in Week 3, Royal gets that same match-up in week 5.



Martellus Bennett (13 Targets) – Oakland is terrible against the TE, but Bennett is also a fantastic option with Jay Cutler back and Alshon Jeffery out.

Charles Clay (13 Targets) – With Sammy Watkins out, Clay is the #1 option in this Bills passing attack.



David Johnson (10 Targets) – He actually played almost half of Arizona’s total snaps and was used a lot in the passing game. Andre Ellington’s return may hurt his value next week though.

Duke Johnson (10 Targets) – I’m not sure what to make of this one. It doesn’t seem like Cleveland was down in this game, so it surprises me to see that the Browns passed it so much and Johnson was targeted so heavily. He had almost twice the snaps of Isaiah Crowell and started the game. He gets the Ravens on the road in week 5 and his price has risen, I may take more of a wait-and-see approach here.

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