Deep Sleepers Fantasy Football Week 5

Sometimes, you look back at the winning lineup of FanDuel’s Sunday Million or DraftKings Sunday Million and you think to yourself “huh?” If I had to guess, I’d say the winning lineup of DraftKings Millionaire Maker is going to have one player you would have never considered. Sometimes, these plays are just made by recreational players who get lucky, but sometimes you’ll find a good player with a solid lineup aside from that one guy, and he’s crushing the field. In general, I prefer to put my best foot forward and not use anyone that I don’t think is at least a reasonable play, but the players below could be one of those “huh” players that makes your lineup a cut above the rest.


Sammy Watkins

Watkins has had a mostly disappointing rookie season aside from his 100 yard, 1 TD game against the Dolphins. He had a TD last week as well, but going against the stout Lions D my guess is he gets very little play tomorrow. However, Watkins is now playing with QB Kyle Orton, and while Orton really isn’t a quality QB, he’s an upgrade over the weak-armed EJ Manuel who just could not get Watkins the ball on anything but a short-crossing route. It will be interesting to see how a talented player like Watkins does paired with a QB with an actual arm. I don’t love Watkins tomorrow, I don’t even really like him, but he undoubtly could surprise us all on Sunday with a big game. He’ll almost certainly be less than 2% used as well.


Darren Sproles

Everyone is looking at Lesean Mccoy to have a good game against a poor Rams D, especially after seeing how (the equally disappointing) Eddie Lacy did when he finally found some holes last Thursday. But forgotten is Sproles, who sits at a bargain at $5,100 on DraftKings and who we all know is capable of a big game. The same reasoning that makes Mccoy a good play also makes Sproles a good play, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sproles outplay Mccoy once again. It’s funny how fast we forget, my guess is Sproles is less than 3% used this Sunday.


Clay Harbor

At the same price point on both DraftKings and FanDuel is Travis Kelce, who’s breakout game against the Patriots has everyone drooling, Harbor is a player that will certainly be forgotten while players make their lineups on for Sunday. But with 8 catches on 8 targets, Harbor was clearly Blake Bortles favorite target last week, and we expect the whole Jaguars offense to improve against a banged up Steelers team that allowed the Buccaneers to score 27 points. Obviously, I don’t like Harbor over Kelce this week, but he sure as hell will be used significantly less. A bad game from Kelce and a good game from Harbor would be gold for your team.


Torrey Smith

Steve Smith gets all the headlines for the Ravens and Torrey Smith’s season has been pretty disappointing, but beyond the box score is a player in Torrey Smith who leads the league in pass interferences drawn. Smith may be the same player he was a year ago, just getting held much more often. As someone who’s a threat to catch a deep bomb at any time, Smith is the perfect tournament play and is likely to be used very little by the field.


Louis Murphy Jr.

Who? Murphy Jr. is such a deep sleeper that FanDuel doesn’t even know he exists. He’s not even listed as a player you can choose for your lineup. On DraftKings on the other hand, Murphy is min salary and actually a pretty legitimate play. He caught 6 balls for 99 yards on 11 targets against the Steelers last week and gets to play against another defense in New Orleans who has just been absolutely horrible against the pass this season. Murphy is actually a pretty athletic guy, he’s 6’2″ and runs a 4.3 40, and has some chemistry with Mike Glennon having played with him on the 2nd team in practice all season. It seems like a stretch to play Murphy tomorrow, but it really isn’t.

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