Daily Fantasy NBA Top Plays 10/30

It’s only a few days into the NBA season so we have to speculate a lot on trends and predictions without a lot of hard data. But with so much murkiness, there should be a lot of edge to be had over the field. Here are my top plays for today.

Lebron James (10500 DK, 10400 FD)

It’s LeBron’s first game back as a Cavalier at home against the Knicks. The Knicks were just awful at defending the SG and SF positions last year, and with a very similar rotation we should expect more of the same this year. But the logic around this pick is that since it’s his first game back in Cleveland, we should be expecting James to put on a show and give Cavs fans back what they’ve been missing. I think this game will mean a lot to LeBron and we should see him take a front seat in the offense.

Elfrid Payton (4900 DK, 5500 FD)

Payton draws a good matchup at home against a depleted Wizards team that was bad against the PG position last year. Payton is a talented rookie on a bad Orlando team without any talent at the guard position with Victor Oladipo injured. Payton did not have a high USG% in the season opener and only played 30 minutes, but with improved performance we should see the USG% and minutes scale as well. I’d roll out Payton in every cash game lineup tonight.

Russell Westbrook (9900 DK, 10000 FD)

One thing a lot of people don’t know about Chris Paul is how good of a defender he is. The Clippers had one of the top fantasy defenses against point guards last year and that has to be credited to Paul’s prowess. But we know with Durant out Westbrook is going to have crazy stats as we saw last night, because besides Ibaka there is just no one else who is capable offensively on that team. Westbrook had a 49% USG in last nights game, which I have to say is the highest I have ever seen in a single game. If we’re going to see 40%+ USG this year than we are talking about a guy who should average over 50 FP a game as long as Durant is out.

Thaddeus Young (6700 DK, 7500 FD)

I’d recommend this play moreso on DraftKings where he is much cheaper. The T-Wolves are a new look team this year without Kevin Love, and we still are not quite sure where the bulk of the offense is going to come from. Young was the offense for the T-Wolves last night scoring 26 points and leading starters in USG%, Although the matchup with Zach Randolph was a favorable one.  Thad’s rebounding numbers should be better tonight as he has a soft matchup against Josh Smith, while teammate Nikola Pekovic will have to box out rebounding specialist Andre Drummond.

DeAndre Jordan (6700 FD, 7400 DK)

I’m not exactly sure why Jordan’s salary is this small on FanDuel, as he had a breakout season last year and was mostly in the low 8000’s and high 7000’s salary wise. Jordan struggled against the Thunder last year but with an inefficient Thunder offense which should miss a lot of shots his rebounding numbers should be way up there. He has a very high fantasy point floor.


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