Daily Fantasy MLB Rundown 7/21

It’s Monday which means a very full slate of Daily Fantasy MLB games tonight on Fanduel. As always, I’ll list my favorite plays of the day using our Baseball Hitter Projections as a guide.


Julio Teheran ($8,900)
Chris Sale ($10,300)

I have Sale and Teheran rated essentially the same tonight. Sale is projected by Bovada to have slightly higher SOs, and probably will go slightly deeper into the game. But Teheran is a bigger favorite, projected to allow less runs, and is significantly cheaper. With Atlanta’s weather looking better and better by the second, I’m not worried about delays here. I’d flip a coin between these two and probably just go ahead and make 2 different daily fantasy lineups featuring one of each.


Wilson Ramos ($2,900)

Ramos is far and away the best catcher tonight at a .89 FP/$. The only issue is that he takes away your ability to play other Nationals players at Coors Field, but I’m not in love with either Yan Gomes or Miguel Montero, who are .77 and .69 FP/$ respectively. Most players will be on them, but you’ll be better off saving salary at catcher to use players like Rendon, Werth, and Zimmermann. I think Kurt Suzuki is a nice punt option if you’d like to go that route.


Adam LaRoche ($2,900)

LaRoche’s price is way too low at the moment, and combined with the Coors effect his FP/$ is an insane 1.27 FP/$! He may be facing a lefty, but we feel that factor is overrated by most. When you have a play this good, you play him regardless of match-up. Freddie Freeman and Miguel Cabrera will probably be played more, and they are good plays, but just not as good as LaRoche in my opinion.

2nd Base

Anthony Rendon ($4,000)

Most players will be on Rendon tonight, and for good reason. He’s a .88 FP/$ in the highest projected run scoring lineup of the night. It would be foolish to pass on him in cash games, but Aaron Hill ($2,700) is not a bad second option here batting 2nd for the D-Backs.

3rd Base

Ryan Zimmerman ($3,500)

Seeing a theme here? Essentially every National is a strong play tonight, Zimmerman being one of the strongest at a 1.03 FP/$. Play him. An alternative is Kelly Johnson, who’s batting 5th for the Yankees and is a 1.12 FP/$, but I’m slightly worried about him getting pinch hit for later in the game.


Asdrubal Cabrera ($2,800)

Finally we encounter someone who is not on the Nationals as a play tonight. Cabrera is a .93 FP/$ which is highest among shortstops, edging the overpriced Ian Desmond. Cabrera does not steal many bases so facing a lefty should not effect his production. The Indians are projected to do quite well and Cabrera is batting 2nd, so it makes sense that FP/$ rates him so highly.


There are a lot of Outfielders to choose from tonight, so I’ll just list some of my favorites below in no particular order.

Jason Werth ($4,400) – His price has risen tremendously but he’s also that good of a play tonight.
Austin Jackson ($2,500) – His price is ridiculously low so until it rises he’ll be listed here over and over.
Jose Bautista ($3,500) – Another player who’s price is simply too low.
Shin-soo Choo ($2,700) – Shockingly, the Rangers are not projected to do well tonight but he is still great value.
Carlos Beltran ($3,200) – He hasn’t had a good season but he’s a good player and a .96 FP/$.
Carlos Gonzalez ($3,700) – He’s a .93 FP/$ and the best hitter in a strange Rockies lineup tonight.

Good Luck Tonight!

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