Daily Fantasy Game Reviews: Raiders at Patriots, Chargers at Bills

Raiders @ Patriots

Game Summary:

Probably the most boring game of the week, it was actually difficult to get through the condensed game. That’s how much of a yawn this was. Both teams played quite conservatively. I could probably count on my hand how many times a ball was thrown over 10 yards. The Raiders were dangerously close to winning the game as McFadden scampered in for the tying score only for it to be called back on a holding. One play later a ball was deflected and intercepted by Vince Wilfork, which ended the game.



  • Julian Edelman continued to be the focal point of the offense. He played practically every snap and was looked for on nearly every play. He has really improved from last year, he catches every ball thrown to him and has good elusiveness. He is a threat in the punt return game as well. He was a yard short of a TD this game and could have been one of the top fantasy WRs of the week. On Draftkings I think he is a top value.
  • Steven Ridley got worked by bad offensive line play. He didn’t have a good game fantasy wise, but I really like his value moving forward. The Patriots offense is extreme west coast, meaning they do short passing routes almost exclusively. That means a lot of plays are going to occur near the goal line, which should be huge for Ridley scoring TDs. The only thing I worry about is the O-line stinking it up, but talent wise they have great players, they just need to rebound.
  • The Patriots vibe this season seems to be conservative offense that never turns the ball over and win with defense. Brady missed a lot of throws this game. And while he’s good in the pocket, he’s a statue and ultimately can never buy much time with his legs. With the O-line struggling, I think he’s a really tough pick.
  • Rob Gronkowski does not look like himself. He looks slow and not as capable of getting to any ball thrown his way. The snaps should come up as the season goes on; Gronk played about 60% of snaps last week. When his snaps come up, I think he’ll be worth a play, but he seems like he needs more healing.
  • The Patriots defense was a big disappointment. They just don’t seem to be able to generate much of a pass rush outside of Chandler Jones, who was ineffective. If they can’t rush the passer they aren’t going to generate turnovers. Revis also looked bad in coverage. It’ll be interesting to see if Revis improves this season.



  • Derek Carr is not good, and his receivers are dropping a ton of passes. It’s just hard to want anyone from this anemic offense.
  • McFadden had some good runs, but I’m not seeing this breakaway speed we used to hear about with him. It’s hard to tell if he took advantage of a soft run defense or if he just played well. The Raiders are consistently underdogs, so he should rarely be considered this season.
  • James Jones seems to be the only receiver getting open for them, but he dropped a few easy balls this game. He seems like a reasonable target each week.
  • The Raiders played pretty conservatively. However, last game we saw Carr let loose a little more in the passing game. They may have went for a more conservative game plan against a tough defense. That being said, the Dolphins seem like a reasonable play at defense next week.


Chargers @ Bills

Game Summary: It was really windy in Buffalo, making it tough to throw the ball downfield and probably caused a bit more conservative of game plans from each team. Both defenses played well but ultimately the Bills offense was just too anemic to put any points on the board. The Chargers were flat out the better team.



  • I was impressed with how well Rivers was able to hit downfield passes in such a windy stadium. There’s not much to say about Rivers besides he is a very good QB and definitely in play every week.
  • Donald Brown probably got a little more carries than usual because of the wind, but he looked great. He has a good stiff arm and isn’t easy to bring down. The backup RB isn’t a real threat to take carries (I don’t know his name but he looks like Darren Sproles and even wears the number 43). As huge favorites against the Jags next week, Brown seems like a top play. His low YPC this week was mostly a function of an extremely good Bills defensive line.
  • I couldn’t tell if Malcom Floyd was just that good at route running or the Bills were just blowing coverage, but he was getting wide open. He would’ve had two more deep catches if it wasn’t for blatant pass interference. He does go deep a lot, but definitely not every play, and he certainly is getting opportunities in the red zone. Great hands, size, and speed. Two catches may seem not that great, but it’s important to remember how windy the stadium was. I expect more targets next week.
  • The Chargers defense looked pretty good, getting to Manuel often, although Manuel escaped sacks on multiple occasions. I think they are worth considering next week.



  • The Bills basically only run short passing plays, and on deeper routes Manuel is really inaccurate. Manuel is really elusive in the pocket, he dodged 3 defensive lineman and hit his TE for a big gain on one play. He’s also a fast runner and did a lot of damage with his legs. But he can’t throw.
  • Spiller and Jackson both look quite good as RBs and are targeted a lot in the passing game. The problem is they split time so it’s completely unpredictable who will have a good game. If one of them gets injured, the other one is going to be a fantasy force in the Bills college-like offensive attack.
  • The Bills defensive line looked really good, and I imagine in a good matchup they could be a very strong play. It also helps they have a good special teams threat with C.J. Spiller.

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