Daily Fantasy Game Reviews: Colts at Jags, Ravens at Browns

Ravens at Browns


Game Summary:

Not too exciting of a game. Both teams utilized a balanced attack. The Browns blew the game in the 4th quarter. What can I say, it was a Ravens vs Browns game.



  • Flacco played below average, missing a lot of easy targets.
  • Steve Smith had a really good game statistically but didn’t do anything special. A lot of his catches were a result of blown coverage.
  • Torrey Smith got the worst of Flacco’s passes, getting open on a few deep routes but getting terrible throws. I imagine he will bounce back this season.
  • Neither RB Taliaferro or Forsett looked particularly good. Taliaferro is very strong and was certainly a difficult runner to take down. But Pierce is likely back this week so neither is worth caring about.
  • Owen Daniels was in on nearly every play after Pitta got hurt. It’s easy to like him moving forward based on snaps alone. It’s encouraging that in limited snaps Daniels has a 2 TD game this season.



  • Brian Hoyer looked good. I can’t imagine targeting him without a great matchup, but he really is not as anemic as people would like to make him out to be. The Browns have a great offensive line which gave him a lot of time.
  • Andrew Hawkins seemed to constantly get wide open. It could be that he’s a tremendous route runner, as PFF really likes him. Hawkins is a short, quick receiver, so it’s hard to imagine him scoring a lot of TDs this season.
  • Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell split time, with Crowell getting a lot of snaps in the 4th quarter. Crowell’s overall snaps went up from ~35% to nearly 50% this game. I think Crowell is someone to watch moving forward. Kyle Shanahan has rarely had a bad running game in his career and the Browns offensive line is one of the best in the NFL.
  • Jordan Cameron played a lot of the game but was not very productive. His price should go down with some poor performances, and I’d expect him to be a reasonable pick on any given week.



Colts @ Jaguars


Game Summary:

After Andrew Luck completely dominated the Jaguars defense, we got to see Blake Bortles for a half of football. Bortles struggled behind one of the worst offensive lines in football, but also made some great plays and showed off his legs.



  • Andrew Luck has yet to throw for 30 TDs in a season, but I’d be amazed if he didn’t break that mark this year. He completely picked apart the Jaguars defense. He’s super accurate, amazing in the pocket, and has a great arm. He will be a top tier fantasy QB this year.
  • TY Hilton only had 5 catches for 80 yards, but those stats came from one half, as Hilton left the game at the end of the 1st half with an injury. He should be back this week against a weak Titans defense. Hilton is arguably the #1 WR on the team. Despite Luck spreading the ball around, expect Hilton to have great production this year.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw and Trent Richardson continue to split time at RB. Bradshaw is the much better RB though, and seems to get slightly more looks in the red zone. If Bradshaw gets more touches, he could be as high as a top 10 RB.
  • Coby Fleener nearly had 2 TDs if it wasn’t for a bad drop. I was surprised to see that Fleener has more passing routes than TE Dwayne Allen, and was playing 75% of snaps. I think Fleener is a legitimate fantasy option, but others haven’t seen it that way.



  • The most important guy to talk about is Blake Bortles. Bortles made one awful throw that turned into an interception, but he was under duress because of poor pass blocking from his offensive line on basically every dropback. I was surprised to see the Jags do a lot of read option with Bortles, he’s definitely a solid runner. He’s not Colin Kaepernick, but he should score a fair amount of TDs running this year and get similar rushing totals to Andrew Luck.
  • Allen Robinson seemed to be the most targeted receiver by Bortles, which makes sense since Bortles has been working with the second string players. There isn’t a solid WR pecking order to this team, and coach Gus Bradley has moved around the depth charts a lot this season. Robinson seems like a solid play at WR. Shorts also seems reasonable. I’d stay away from Hurns because lucky long TDs are keeping his price way too high.
  • It seems like practically any defense facing this team is going to be the best defense of the week. A rookie QB with an awful offensive line is practically the formula for defensive fantasy points. The Jaguars are only projected 15 points against a mediocre Chargers defense, it will be interesting to see how low it could go against the more elite defenses of the league.


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