Daily Fantasy Football: Referencing Public Lineups

It’s easy to learn a new skill when you learn from someone who already is great at that skill. In poker, I managed to ascend to high stakes in a short period of time because I played great players, looked closely at their strategy, and emulated the parts I liked. In daily fantasy football, you can do the same thing by looking at experienced players lineups.

Playing Thursday Contests For Sunday Data

For people who are inexperienced at daily fantasy football, it’s a good idea to play in some Thursday games to get insight into what other players are doing. You can enter the Thursday Bomb tonight on Fanduel for only $25 and get much more than $25 worth of information. For those who haven’t played Thursday daily fantasy football contests, Thursday contests are inclusive of all NFL games of the week. Since there’s only one game on Thursday, most lineups will consist of players solely in Sunday games. Therefore, by looking at peoples Thursday lineups, you can get insight into what players to use on Sunday.

What To Look For

After the contests lock at 8:30, you’ll get to see what every other player in that contest used for a lineup, and what player ownership percentages are. By looking at good players lineups, and ownership percentages for individual players, you should get a great idea of who are the best picks for the games on Sunday. This is only available on Fanduel. On Draftkings, individual lineups are only revealed if the player in that lineup has a game that has already started, otherwise that player will be invisible to the public. But Fanduel data should still be very useful for Draftkings lineups, because the scoring and pricing is mostly the same.

Fanduel has a leaderboard which you can use to get an idea of who are the better players on the site. Scroll back a few months and see who the consistent winners are. Some of the better known daily fantasy football players are condia, 1ucror, csuram888, and killab2482.


  • Looking at seasoned players lineups and ownership is a good way to learn about how good players make great lineups.
  • Thursday contests can give you good data to help you make Sunday lineups. Make sure to enter the biggest tournaments like the Thursday Bomb on Fanduel.
  • Look at the Fanduel leaderboard to get an idea of which players lineups are the best to reference.



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