3 Keys to Winning FanDuel’s Sunday Million

Daily Fantasy Sports are expanding at a rapid rate, and a fierce competition between DraftKings and FanDuel has players like us reaping the benefits. FanDuel added the Sunday Million this year, a $25 to enter, approximately 100,000 player tournament with a guaranteed prize pool ranging from $2,000,000-$3,000,000. Your goal when playing any big tournament is to, of course, win. But when a tournament has this many players, there are hidden concepts that you absolutely need to know in order to make a lineup that has a shot at 1st.


UPDATE 9/03/2021: This article was written in 2014. During this time, there was no such thing as a lineup builder. Projections weren’t publicly available. You had to build lineups by hand and by feel. 

We’re in a much different landscape now, where most players use lineup builders and projections to create the best lineups for tournaments. 

The content of this article is still very much true, maximizing for correlations and upside is the key to winning the Sunday Million on Fanduel. But now, we don’t have to figure out how to maximize for these things by feel. has a lineup builder that does it for us, using actual game simulations to calculate both correlations and upside and builds lineups maximizing for those two essential stats. Right now, Sabersim is offering a 7-day FREE trial for anyone who signs up. Just go to and sign up. You won’t regret it.

And if you’re interested in learning more, check out this video explaining how the Sabersim lineup builder works:

Every Player Could Be a Top Play

When there are 100,000 people competing in a tournament like the Sunday Million, there is going to be every combination and permutation of lineup possible, and someone will have a massive score. Because of this, almost every player in your lineup should have a chance to be a top performer at his position. For example, while I don’t necessarily like Desean Jackson as a play in week 1, he has big play potential and has a chance to go for a 100+ yd, 2 TD game. A player like Anquan Boldin, who has a great matchup, just doesn’t have as much potential for a big game as Jackson with the 49ers at full strength. You may like Matt Ryan to have a bounce back season, but he just doesn’t have the potential for a monster game like running QBs Cam Newton or Russell Wilson. Pick only players with the potential to be the top scoring guy at their position.

Pick Mid-Salary Players From High Over/Under Games

Fantasy points are essentially a function of real scoring. The higher the scoring in the game, the more fantasy points scored by the team. Sometimes a player gets lucky and gets a significant chunk of those points, so when choosing players for your team, look for mid-salary players in high over/under games. For example, the Eagles spread it around a lot. There are probably 6 players off the top of my head–Maclin, Cooper, Matthews, Sproles, Mccoy, and Ertz–that will get several targets in week 1. It’s very hard to predict who will get the most of the 4+ TDs the Eagles should score, but it’s possible a couple of them could go to one player we don’t expect. Maclin, Cooper, Ertz, Matthews, and Sproles are all cheap, so if you have 1 or two of them in each Sunday Million lineup, in all likelihood you’ll get a few big hits. And having a mid-salary player who has a huge game will increase your chance of winning the Sunday Million significantly.


Pick High Potential Players Receivers That Others May Overlook

WR and TE are much more high variance positions than RB, QB, Kicker, or Defense. The reason for this is pretty straightforward: small events during a pass play, like a blown coverage or a drop, have a huge effect on receiver performance. A little stumble by a cornerback could mean the difference between a 50 yard TD reception (10+ fantasy points on DraftKings or FanDuel) and a drop for 0 points. Because of this, you want to gamble a little more on WRs, because even the seemingly sure-fire high salary WRs can be outplayed by anyone on the right day. If you pick a low-used WR, and he happens to have a big game that weekend, you’ve significantly increased your chances in the Sunday Million.


Even with this advice, winning the Sunday Million will be extremely tough. But, I’ll take my chance to turn $3 to $1,000,000 any day. Good luck on Sunday.


Still haven’t signed up for FanDuel and entered the Sunday Million? Sign up through this link and to receive a up to $500 on your first deposit!


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