Note: New to DraftKings and need some tips on how to make a lineup? We have a great article that covers everything you need to know, found here

Sports Offered: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF, NCAAB, PGA.

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Game Types: There are several types of contests to buy into – large field tournaments, head-to-head, 50/50, triple-up, freeroll, step tournaments and more. There are always an ample amount of tournaments to participate in, including multi-entry events. For high stakes players, entry fees can be as much as $5,200 in the head-to-head formats. There are also beginner formats, making it easier to create a roster with higher-expected fantasy points.

Points: The scoring is standard and fairly easy to understand. All scoring formats are similar to your common fantasy league with some bonuses for players who have big games. With NFL, there’s a three-point bonus for 300-plus yards passing, 100-plus yards rushing and 100-plus yards receiving. It’s also a PPR format that gives you one point per reception. In NBA, you get an extra 0.5 points for three-point field goals, while receiving another 1.5 points for a double-double an additional three points for a triple double.

Player Salaries: On DraftKings, your team has a $50,000 salary cap to fill 9 positions. You can find great value plays at DraftKings, because while the site does update players’ salaries, it generally takes longer than normal. It doesn’t matter if it’s because that player was simply upgraded into the starting lineup, or if it’s because of someone else’s injury. You can also create a roster before entering any contests, and then enter your team into all your contests at once. Making your roster will come easier at DraftKings than most sites, but that also means it’s easier for everyone else. Plus, a lot of players are multiple positions in the NBA. Choose your value plays wisely.

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Website Layout: The site is well designed. The layout is clear and the statistics update very quickly. Searching for players is simple. You can watch all your lineups or all your contests at once. The tabs are laid out at the top of the contest menu so you can easily find the right kind of event to enter.

Promotions: Several promotions are offered. There are $5,000,000 in opening week prize pools to kick off the NFL season, including the Sunday Million: a $200 entry tournament that has a $1,000,000 guaranteed prizepool. DraftKings has also announced that throughout the course of the NFL season, they will be offering 4 separate tournaments each with a 1st place prize of $1,000,000, beginning with a week 5 tournament that will cost only $27 to enter. Sign up by clicking on the banner below to receive a 100% deposit bonus up to $600 as well as free entry into a small tournament.

Bonuses: There are three cool incentives. First, you get Frequent Player Points for each contest. These can be used for a variety of things. The second is the rake-back setup, although it requires patience. You can receive a 100% deposit bonus up to $600, but you only receive a 4-percent rate return for each event you participate in. If you are looking to play a lot, this is a good deal. Third, there is the usual refer-a-friend bonus.

Deposit/Withdraw: Major credit cards and PayPal are accepted for deposit. Withdraw works through PayPal or receiving a check. Withdraws are usually received in a timely fashion and are processed on business days.

Rake: The rake is what you would expect – 10 percent for most contests. However, it does decrease with the higher-entry events.

Mobile: DraftKings has a great, easy to use mobile app that can be downloaded in the app-store on Iphone.

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