The Best Daily Pitcher Projection Of All Time: Clayton Kershaw

As weird as it may sound, I’ve been waiting for this day to come for months. I’ve been waiting for the best pitcher in baseball to get the best matchup possible, and that’s come today with Clayton Kershaw facing the Rangers. I would guess that if I projected every pitcher since the beginning of daily […]

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DraftKings PGA 2.5 Millionaire Maker Golf Picks

Before we get into the picks, be advised, I do not recommend giving high exposure to any player on this list. While there are a ton of names, there are a ton of possibilities for this tournament given the high variance Chambers Bay presents. A few of these guys, and I will note which ones […]

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Musing On Projecting Daily Strikeouts For Pitchers

Strikeouts aren’t everything for pitcher’s in daily fantasy. Wins, innings pitched, hits and runs allowed all are quite important to picking a good pitcher for daily fantasy. But strikeouts are where upside is found, and to win a big tournament you need to have a pitcher with high upside. However, projecting strikeouts is not easy, there are […]

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DraftKings MEGA One Million Dollar Payoff Pitch Strategy and Picks

Today, DraftKings is throwing a One Millon Dollar Guaranteed Prize Pool Tournament, only $27 to enter, and $100,000 guaranteed for first. The field is capped at 42,200 players, so it is going to be quite tough to win. But with such a small investment, a soft field, and a probable overlay, good lineups should be […]

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5 Things I’m Geeking Out On Today For MLB DFS

I feel like a total nerd today because I’m so excited to make lineups for Daily Fantasy Baseball. There are a lot of interesting matchups and a lot of guys who should be very low owned in the big tournaments who could have great days. Here are five things that an average DFS player will […]

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Daily Fantasy MLB Strategy: Singles Parks Versus Homerun Parks

Projecting fantasy points for teams or players in daily fantasy baseball is a quite difficult thing to do. There are tons of factors the influence how well we can expect hitters to perform. Handedness splits, park factors, weather, player projections, recent performance, pitcher skill, and stolen base matchups are several factors that each have an […]

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Using Pitcher Strikeout Rates As Hitters

Starting pitchers in the NL tend to look better than pitchers in the AL. This is mostly because the AL has a designated hitter slot, while the NL uses pitchers at the plate, who tend to be awful hitters and can be relied upon for automatic outs. Because of this pitchers advantage, most of the best pitchers in […]

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4/18 MLB Daily Fantasy: Clayton Kershaw or Max Scherzer on FanDuel?

Even though Max Scherzer is cheaper, here's why Clayton Kershaw is the clear choice tonight.

Several elite pitchers will take the hill tonight for Friday’s contests, but none are better than Clayton Kershaw or Max Scherzer. Who should you use in your lineup? On FanDuel we always want to use the best pitcher. Price isn’t as much of a priority since the potential for pitchers are so great. Therefore, even […]

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Daily Fantasy MLB: Top Plays 4/15

Today is a difficult day for Daily Fantasy Baseball players because there are only a few games with high over/under lines and therefore few clear good plays. With that said, my top picks for today utilize a lot of small factors. There have been a lot of overlays early on this fantasy baseball season and […]

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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball: Stealing Your Way To Victory

One of the first things I noticed when starting out with Daily Fantasy Baseball on FanDuel was just how much a stolen base is worth. Relatively speaking, the two points you get for a stolen base is twice as much as a single or walk, and the same as a double. Unlike on DraftKings, there […]

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