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Max Steinberg is a professional poker player and a top Daily Fantasy player who uses his creativity and mathematical abilities he cultivated as a poker player to win money on both DraftKings and FanDuel. He already has several big tournament scores to his name including the Victiv Bowl and countless MLB Monster wins. Follow him on twitter @maxjsteinberg.

DFS MLB Strategy: Why You Should Fade Top of the Order Changes in GPPs

A few years ago, when DFS was new and players we’re a lot less knowledgeable, Daily Fantasy Baseball strategy was simple and straightforward. There were easy tricks to find players who’s projections were going to outpace their salary. For example, a right-handed hitter facing a left-handed pitcher? Play the man! A hitter moving from 9th […]

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Want to Win 1st in a Big GPP? Think 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

Sometimes, it seems impossible to win a big GPP. With thousands and sometimes even tens-of-thousands of lineups to compete against, the chances of placing 1st seems equivalent to winning a small lottery. And it’s true. Winning a GPP is never going to be easy (unless, maybe, your name is Sahiilsud). But there are specific strategies we […]

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BvP: When it Matters, When it Doesn’t

Used by almost every DFS player, BvP is one of the most popular stats in Daily Fantasy Baseball. But BvP also is one of the most controversial stats in DFS, because everyone is still arguing whether or not it works. For those of you who have been living under the proverbial DFS rock, BvP stands […]

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For the Bold: Fade Syndergaard, Play Fernandez on FanDuel GPPs Tonight (4/18)

Note: This is an article about FanDuel only. On DraftKings, where you roster 2 pitchers, fading Syndergaard would be ridiculous.   You probably didn’t expect to see the words, “Fade Noah Syndergaard” in the title of any DFS Baseball strategy article today.   But sometimes the structure of MLB slates, especially small 7 game ones like tonight, can […]

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Daily Fantasy MLB Strategy: Predicting HRs

There are two stats in MLB that are crucial for winning GPPs in Daily Fantasy Baseball: the HR and the SB. Both stats involve some amount of luck, especially with HRs, but there’s actually a great way to predict who will it a HR from slate to slate, and it involves using 2 tools you […]

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DFS NFL Strategy: Playoff Millionaire Maker

Ok, with the NFL regular season over, NBA in full swing, and with fantasy golf just starting, DFS NFL might be one of the last things on your mind right now. But there are a couple things happening this week that I think should put NFL on your radar. First off, as I write this article, the […]

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Strategy for the DraftKings Main Event

Throughout this football season, both DraftKings and FanDuel have made it routine to run small buyin, big field, big prizepool tournaments every Sunday. But this week we have a unique situation as DraftKings is running a $1,500 buyin DFS tournament with a four million dollar prize pool and one million dollars for 1st place. Without a Millionaire Maker running, it’s tempting […]

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How to Pick a RB in Daily Fantasy Football

Choosing which RB to put in your DraftKings or FanDuel lineup doesn’t have to be a grueling, complicated process. Many people have asked me how I make my picks in DFS, and it’s actually way more simple than one might expect. And by simple, I don’t mean that I have some computer algorithm spit out my picks […]

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Millionaire Maker Strategy: 3 Players to Fade in Week 13

There’s something about fading a player everyone likes that makes me giddy. I admit, this probably has something to do with my terrible desire to feel smarter than everyone else. But luckily for me, this egotistical flaw actually helps quite a bit in GPPs. To maximize your chances of winning the Millionaire Maker, you have to […]

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Under the Radar Receivers in Week 13

In his latest Lineup Lab, Max discusses some receivers he think will fly under the radar in the Millionaire Maker in week 13.      

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