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Max Steinberg is a professional poker player and a top Daily Fantasy player who uses his creativity and mathematical abilities he cultivated as a poker player to win money on both DraftKings and FanDuel. He already has several big tournament scores to his name including the Victiv Bowl and countless MLB Monster wins. Follow him on twitter @maxjsteinberg.

The Eagles “Air Raid” Offense and More Air Yards Analysis Through 2 Weeks

In case you missed it, I wrote an article before week 1 using air yards to evaluate which teams had the most efficient and least efficient offenses from 2016 (hint: The Jets were terrible and the Patriots and Saints were awesome). Using the same method I used for that 2016 article, I decided to look at which teams […]

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Don’t Sleep on Jeremy Maclin, Breshad Perriman, and Mike Wallace

Week 1 was one of the strangest week’s of fantasy football I’ve ever witnessed. I was in Boston for DraftKing’s opening week party, and the scene at the sports bar we were sent to watch the games at was both sad and hilarious. The energy was low. DFSers, who had brought their laptops to the […]

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A Data Driven Look into Offensive Efficiency in the Passing Game

I was recently considering how to use statistics to determine the overall skill and strategy of offenses in the NFL. As DFS players, we are very good at gauging what kind of opportunity a wide receiver, running back, or tight end will get on a given week through synthesizing through news, snap counts, and other relevant […]

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DFS Golf Expected Putting Regression Tool

We introduced a new tool this past week for DFS Golf. It’s called the Expected Putting Regression Tool (You can find it under the Fantasy Tools tab) and it’s a great way to decipher which players are running above and below expectation on the season. In tournaments like the DraftKings’ Golf Millionaire Maker’s, this tool should be very useful […]

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NFL Analysis with Python: Fantasy Scoring without TDs

Early in the NFL season, analysis is mostly theoretical. We see certain performances in weeks 1, 2, or 3, but we can only weight their importance very little in the scheme of things. We could see something like Mohamed Sanu scoring more fantasy points than Julio Jones in Week 1, but it would be foolish to […]

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Max’s Lineup Labs For Week 6

Reviewing the Millionaire Maker and Sunday Million winning lineups from week 5:   The changes FanDuel needs to make in order to catch up with DraftKings:   Using advanced stats to evaluate offenses as a whole:   Using FantasyAces ownership % to make the best FanDuel and DraftKings GPP lineups:

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The Usage Based ‘Lesean Mccoy’ RB plays in Week 4

On Sunday night, after the completion of week 3, A DFW user posted on our chat, “How the fuck can someone predict that Lesean Mccoy has a good game here?” He had a point. Mccoy, and Buffalo’s entire offense really, had been struggling in the first 2 weeks and had a tough, tough match up in […]

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DraftKings and FanDuel Tournament (GPP) Strategy: Why Salaries Don’t Matter

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent this entire morning thinking about what went right and what went wrong with your FanDuel and DraftKings lineups yesterday. Or, you may basking in the glory of success (you smug bastard!). I find that it’s easy to go a little overboard drawing new conclusions about Daily Fantasy after only 1 […]

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DFS MLB Strategy: Why You Should Fade Top of the Order Changes in GPPs

A few years ago, when DFS was new and players we’re a lot less knowledgeable, Daily Fantasy Baseball strategy was simple and straightforward. There were easy tricks to find players who’s projections were going to outpace their salary. For example, a right-handed hitter facing a left-handed pitcher? Play the man! A hitter moving from 9th […]

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Want to Win 1st in a Big GPP? Think 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

Sometimes, it seems impossible to win a big GPP. With thousands and sometimes even tens-of-thousands of lineups to compete against, the chances of placing 1st seems equivalent to winning a small lottery. And it’s true. Winning a GPP is never going to be easy (unless, maybe, your name is Sahiilsud). But there are specific strategies we […]

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