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Daniel Steinberg is a former bond trader at a multi-billion dollar proprietary trading firm in Chicago. He uses his knowledge of statistics and his creativity from his career as a poker professional to create the most advanced Daily Fantasy statistical analysis that you will find anywhere. Follow him on twitter @DanielSingerS

Daily Fantasy NFL: The Amorphous Patriots Offense

This week the Patriots face the Buffalo Bills. In the the three NFL seasons I’ve played daily fantasy, one thing has been clear about the Patriots: They are hard to predict. You don’t know if they are gonna throw 60 times in a game or run 40 times. They adjust their game plan based on […]

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Daily Fantasy NFL Week 11: Locks

Assessing injury impact is one of the most important skills to develop in DFS NFL. When big offensive contributors go down for good teams, bench players can often step up and become immediate fantasy superstars. Late in the season we have had some really big injuries which has opened up some really good values for […]

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NFL Week 10: Pass and Run Share Picks

Last weeks point share picks went quite well in the passing game. Carr threw 4 TDs and every single WR pick, Antonio Brown, Allen Hurns, and Jarvis Landry had very good games. My sleeper TE Delanie Walker managed 2 TDs. Gronk and my RBs let me down, but I still felt good about the picks. […]

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NFL Week 9: Pass and Run Share Picks

I love using pass percentage projections, pass share, and run share in our Sportsbook Projections tool to make picks for DFS NFL. The tool is good at reaffirming the best plays at each position, as well as helps point out some sneaky plays from surprising pass percentages or point shares. Here are my picks this week based […]

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Using Our New NFL Salary Comparison Tool

You’ve probably seen the salary comparison tool normally up on our site. It looks at the differences in salaries for various players on FanDuel compared to DraftKings. Comparing salaries on multiple sites can help you identify values. If one player is much less on DK than FD, he may become play worthy because his price […]

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Underrated Matchups By Position DFS NFL Rest Of Season

The easiest statistic to rely on for matchups in DFS NFL is fantasy points allowed. Obviously, teams that give up a lot of fantasy points to a given position at this point in the season are going to be good matchups for that position for the rest of the season. But there are a few things […]

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Using Fantasy Points Per 36 Minutes For Daily Fantasy NBA

There are a lot of factors to consider when evaluating the best plays of the day for NBA daily fantasy. We’ve talked about injury impact and matchup in other articles, which play a huge role in any given players projection. But the most important factor to consider is a projection of a players fantasy points […]

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Why You Should Play Daily Fantasy NBA

Learning another sport for daily fantasy is a daunting task. It may feel like it’s not worth it to expand to other sports after spending so much time and energy learning NFL strategy. However, for people who really want to excel at daily fantasy, it’s important that you play not just the NFL games, but also the […]

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Top Plays and Top Sleepers Daily Fantasy NFL Week 7

“If you put your effort and concentration into playing to your potential, to be the best that you can be, I don’t care what the scoreboard says at the end of the game, in my book we’re gonna be winners.” – Coach Norman Dale, Hoosiers A writing teacher once told me starting off an article […]

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DFS NFL Research: What Drives Fantasy Points In The Passing Game?

A few days ago I started off my NFL research series by looking at the correlations between fantasy points rushing and other statistics. The conclusions of that study are pretty much what I expected: higher margin of victory means more rushing attempts and production, and therefore more expected fantasy points rushing. This supports the theory that […]

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