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Daniel Steinberg is a former bond trader at a multi-billion dollar proprietary trading firm in Chicago. He uses his knowledge of statistics and his creativity from his career as a poker professional to create the most advanced Daily Fantasy statistical analysis that you will find anywhere. Follow him on twitter @DanielSingerS

Daily Fantasy NFL: Is James White a Top Play in Week 16?

Against the Titans last week in the 4th quarter, James White caught a quick pass on a short out route. He cut up field, dodged a few tackles, and managed to out run everyone for 70 yards until finally getting caught just yards from the goal line. The big reception capped off what would have been […]

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Daily Fantasy NFL: Week 15 Picks

We’re coming down to the final stretch of the fantasy season, and with big tournaments like the $5,000,000 Millionaire Maker on DraftKings and $1,200,000 Rush on FanDuel, DFS is as exciting as ever. These are my picks this week. Good luck with your lineups this weekend!     QB Cam Newton Newton isn’t exactly under […]

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Daily Fantasy NBA: Adjusted FP Allowed Per 36

I wrote an article last week about how looking at fantasy points allowed (or DvP) in DFS NFL is not very effective at determining optimal matchups, mostly because of strength of schedule, luck, and injury impact can skew the results. However, this is likely not the case in the DFS NBA, mostly because we are able to look […]

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Daily Fantasy NFL: Expected Versus Actual Running Back Touchdowns

The Patriots are at the one yard line. Running play to Blount… he’s stopped for no gain. Next play looks again like a running play to Blount… but wait! It’s play action, Brady hits Gronkowski in the end zone… But he drops it!. 3rd down, Brady drops back to pass, Amendola catches the slant… Touchdown! How […]

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Daily Fantasy NFL: Is Martavis Bryant The Best Fantasy WR?

Fantasy stats are not that correlated to success in the NBA. Bad players who chuck up a ton of shots and dominate the ball will probably get a lot of points and assists. Big men standing under the rim will get a lot of rebounds, even if they aren’t very good at rebounding. Consequently, there […]

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NFL Snap Count Trends Week 13

Playing time is one of the most important factors to consider for DFS football. More playing time means more fantasy points because of a players increased opportunity to gain key statistics, especially for RBs. In this article, I’m going to breakdown RB snap counts for Week 12 to help guide our picks for Week 13. Snap […]

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Daily Fantasy NBA: FanDuel Mega Slam Picks

FanDuel is running one of the biggest daily fantasy NBA tournaments of the year today, the One Million Dollar Mega Slam, with first place getting $100,000. For only $25 per entry, it’s a pretty huge sweat. I’m sure some people reading this article have not played daily fantasy NBA this season. Since the slate is only […]

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NFL Team Pass/Run Tendencies Week 13

Each week, our NFL Sportsbook tool projects run and pass percentages of each team based on scoring margin adjusted data from 2015. I think the tool does a pretty good job making predictions on team pass and run tendencies based on historical data. But because of injuries and team makeup changes, the data doesn’t always […]

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DFS NFL: The Subtle Science Of Predicting Field Goals

Some people do not like playing FanDuel NFL games because they find picking a kicker to be pointless. A lot of people feel picking a kicker is mostly a crapshoot, and get frustrated when a kicker goes off for 6 or 7 field goals and they didn’t have a piece. The truth is field goal […]

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NFL Spread Picks Week 11

Part of individual player performance depends on team performance. The more successful a team’s offense is, the more successful we should expect their individual players to be. With that said, I think it’s important for a daily fantasy player to supplement sportsbook lines with their own objective evaluation of how they see each team performing. Here are […]

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