Week 7 Fantasy Roundtable: Discussing NFL’s daily fantasy hottest topics

Which underperforming RB will have the best performance this Sunday? Eddie Lacy, Alfred Morris or Andre Williams?

Danny: Alfred Morris. This guy averaged almost 1,450 yards and 10 TDs in his first two seasons. He’s seriously struggled this year, but with the same running system and offensive line he should definitely bounce back against a really weak Titans run defense. The Redskins have struggled at a 1-5 record, so they’ve had to abandon the run a lot, but as 6 point favorites we should see a more heavy running approach. I don’t like his price on FanDuel at $7600 but he’s cheap on DraftKings.

Max: I think it’s Alfred Morris, the Redskins are projected to score 26 points by the online sportsbooks and they are finally favorites in a game at home. I think the Redskins don’t like relying on turnover prone Kirk Cousins so much, and will stay committed to the run in tis game as long as it stays close, which it should. I’m not counting out Andre Williams though, and I don’t think Sunday night was any indication his potential. It was just a disastrous game for the Giants. Williams is a powerful runner and the Giants love to run it in the redzone, I think he has higher potential than everyone thinks.

Nick: Completely agree on Morris. He’s clearly proven, and the Titans rush defense is very questionable, We saw how well Morris did against the Jaguars in Week 2. We could easily see the same thing here.

Cam Newton – was his breakout performance a sign of things to come or a flukey game?

Nick: It’s definitely a sign of things to come. Newton got most of his numbers before the OT against Cincinnati, so throw that argument out the window. He’s played the first few weeks recovering from the rib injury, and he’s now been turned loose to run the ball. With a very shaky and banged up running game, we’ll see a lot more Newton rushes, and inside the red zone is where it becomes even more desirable. Keep in mind though for this week that Kelvin Benjamin is recovering from a concussion and his status is in doubt.

Max: Sportsbettors don’t seem to think this is a sign of things to come, at least this week. The Panthers are projected to score only 21 points against the woeful Packers D. We all know that Cam Newton’s upside in fantasy is incredible, so he always should be in play in GPPs, especially when he’s running, but he’s not even close to my favorite QB this week. And as Nick said, if Benjamin is out, that’s going to hurt Newton.

Danny: Yes, absolutely. A healthy Newton is arguably a top 2 fantasy QB, he was 3rd best fantasy QB last year with a season low rushing TD total. I expect now that he’s healthy his rushing totals will start climbing, but we are also seeing a maturation of Newton. Newton is actually the best QB in the league this year according to PFF. If he gets his passing game going he’s going to be incredible.

Jimmy Graham, Calvin Johnson, and AJ Green are likely out on Sunday, who’s a better option: Brandon Cooks, Golden Tate, or Mohammed Sanu.

I think it’s Golden Tate. He disappointed everyone last week in what seemed like a great spot for him, but the Lions O struggled and Stafford spread it around as usual. This week they are facing the Saints D, who are just horrible against the pass. Keep in mind that even though Tate had a disappointing performance, he had 12 targets last Sunday. The Vikings D may be bad, but they are ok against the pass. Against the terrible Saints secondary, Tate should have a field day.

Danny: I’m gonna say Cooks. When Graham went out in the first half last week, we saw Cooks clearly benefit with a season high 11 targets. The Saints offense is pretty void of talent, so its plausible we see Cooks emerge as taking a big share of Brees 35+ Passing TDs a season. We know how talented Brees is, so that production has to go somewhere. Tate is a close 2nd because he’s in a similar boat, but with a worse starting QB. Sanu is last for me. He had a great game last week, but it was mostly because Andy Dalton through a season high 43 pass attempts, when he had been under 25 in 3 straight games. Against a really bad run defense in the Colts, expect those pass attempts to drop a lot along with Sanu’s production.

Nick : It’s between Golden Tate and Brandon Cooks. Mohamed Sanu’s price has jumped too much for me to like him, although I do expect him to play well. Tate has a higher floor considering the downfall behind him in terms of WR/TE is really weak. Cooks has a greater ceiling. The Lions rush defense is fantastic, the Saints are a slight underdog and Cooks has a ton of plays designed specifically for them. I would play both of them in both formats, but Tate is a little more oriented to 50/50s/heads-ups and Cooks is a little more toward GPPs. Either way, both WRs are absolutely fantastic and should definitely be targeted in the double digits.

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