Top Target: Brandon Marshall

We’ve seen some absolutely monster games out of several WRs this year and it’s become very clear that if you want to have the winning lineup on DraftKings, you’ll have to pick a WR who’s going to go off. Marshall is a high salary wide-out who has the capability of having a monster game. Given the value plays this week like Andre Caldwell and Michael Crabtree, you’re going to be able to afford some big money players and big play WR is a great asset to invest a large chunk of your salary into.

The most popular wide-out on Chicago right now is Alshon Jeffery. Ever since he amassed over 200 yards against Minnesota in week 13, DFS players have been taking Jeffery over Marshall. But Jeffery’s salary has finally caught up to his output and now has almost the same salary as Marshall. Marshall has a great rapport with Jay Cutler who’s surprisingly regained his job as starting QB, while Jeffery and Cutler have only played several games together. Some people may disagree with me, but I’m confidently taking the proven and more talented player in Marshall over Jeffery this week.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about Marshall’s matchup with Philly. I always like playing offensive players vs Philadelphia because the speed of their play gives an extra possession or two to their opponents every game. This alone will essentially give Marshall an extra 2-4 receptions which by itself makes me believe he’ll outperform his salary. His individual matchup is also seems good, the Eagles #1 corner Cary Williams is one of the worst corners in the league according to PFF and his numbers back it up. Here’s how he’s done against some other #1 WRs this year:

Rec Yds TDs Tgts
G. Jennings 11 163 1 13
D. Moore 5 82 0 11
D. Bryant 8 110 0 16
V. Jackson 9 114 2 14
D. Thomas 9 86 2 10

I thought Williams was bad, but after looking at his numbers we can see that he is absolutely atrocious. In fact, it was hard to find any wide receivers that failed to get at least 10 targets against him (I found Dwayne Bowe as the only example at first glance). Marshall averages over 10 targets a game, so vs Cary Williams it wouldn’t surprise me to see him get upwards of 15 targets on sunday.

I also want to add something that may be overlooked by many and that is Jay Cutler is now back at QB for Chicago. While I think Mccown is the better QB between the two, Cutler has played with Marshall for two years and and in 2012 Cutler targeted Marshall 192 times racking up 118 receptions and 1500 yards receiving. Clearly, they have good chemistry and a lack of chemistry with Mccown may have hurt Marshall’s performance as of late.

Receivers like Alshon Jeffery, Josh Gordon, and Calvin Johnson have been the talk of the town in DFS this year having all produced 40+ point performances at some point this season. It’s easy to forget Marshall who hasn’t produced any eye-popping games as of late, but people are quick to forget that Marshall is an elite WR who has gone for over 1200 yards and 10 touchdowns for the 2nd straight year. With an amazing matchup, a familiar QB, and a reasonable salary I think Marshall is a must-start this week and a player who could make you a fantasy millionaire.

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