Top Salary Daily Fantasy Football Players You Want to Avoid Week 2

Every week there are a few top-level NFL players who are complete duds that ruin your chances at winning big money. How does this happen to you? Usually it’s not taking in the value of how tough a matchup really is for someone, or you’re being too recently biased based on what happened in the previous week.

These players below fall into at least one of those two categories. Here’s who you should avoid Week 2.

(all salaries via FanDuel)


Drew Brees $9,400 – I get that the Saints are -6.5 with an O/U of 47.5. But let’s not forget that New Orleans is particularly better at home, let alone indoors. Despite a rough first half against the Steelers last week, the Browns’ pass defense stepped up in the second half, much what we were accustomed to seeing in 2013. If you’re going to spend this type of money, go with Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck.

Matthew Stafford $9,300 – Stafford looked very impressive last week on Monday Night Football. He has the highest QBR of anyone Week 1. But this week the Lions are at the Carolina Panthers. Not only are the Lions like the Saints in that they perform particularly better at home and indoors with their passing attack, the Panthers have one of the best defenses in the NFL. The 43.5 O/U isn’t too appealing either.

Matt Ryan $8,900 – Matt Ryan torched the Saints defense last week for 448 yards. But again, it’s the same story. The Falcons are going to Cincinnati, and the Bengals have an elite defense that are one of the best at forcing turnovers. Even though Cincinnati is -5.5 with an O/U of 49.5, I’d rather take someone with a better matchup.


Running Back

Jamaal Charles $9,100 – Being 13-point underdogs on the road, that’s a terrible recipe for Charles, even if he’s used in the passing game. We saw how little he was used at home against the Titans when they were trailing. No need to use him.

Adrian Peterson $8,800 – In case you’ve been out of the loop today, Peterson has been deactivated this week.

Eddie Lacy $8,200 – I know, I know. The Packers are -8 at home against the Jets. What’s bad about that? I’m cautious the Packers won’t use Lacy as much this week after coming off a concussion. James Starks has proven to be a capable backup, and if the Packers build a lead, why risk Lacy? I don’t see a ton of upside with him, and I’d rather use DeMarco Murray, Montee Ball or Giovani Bernard for that price.

Wide Receiver

Calvin Johnson $9,200 – See Matthew Stafford. Why pay top dollars on the road in a low O/U game against a team with a good defense?

Julio Jones$8,400/Roddy White$7,200 – See Matt Ryan

Brandon Marshall$8,000/Alshon Jeffery$7,600 – Both WRs are questionable. If one of them doesn’t play and the other does, then I’m okay with using him. But if both are playing, why run the risk on the road at San Francisco on Sunday Night Football? The Cowboys were trailing big early, and the 49ers still held Tony Romo to 281 yards passing. Dez Bryant was also held to 55 yards receiving.

Tight End

Julius Thomas $8,100 – Thomas is now significantly overpriced and the most expensive TE. You really think he’s going to catch three TDs again? And what if Wes Welker is reinstated and plays tomorrow? Fade 100%

Rob Gronkowski $7,900 – Even though Gronk caught a TD last week and was targeted 11 times, he’s still taking a limited number of snaps. With plenty of weapons at Brady’s disposal, $7,900 is too much for anyone with a limited snap count. Too risky.

Houston $5,400 – This is somewhat of a trendy pick considering that the Texans get sacks and that they are a slight favorite with a 39 O/U. However, without Jadeveon Clowney in the picture, it’ll be easier for the Raiders to handle J.J. Watt. Then you have to consider the Texans are on the road and won’t have the crowd noise on their side. Plus, the Texans’ D is the third-most expensive. It’s just not the greatest situation.

Minnesota $5,300 – With Adrian Peterson now out, the Patriots are -6. The O/U is 48.5. Even though they are at home, it’s a bad matchup for the Vikings.

Tennessee $5,200 – This is another situation where last week determined this week’s price too much. The Titans are at home and -3.5, but the O/U is 49, and they don’t generate a lot of sacks.

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