Top NFL Cheap QBs for Week 14 on FanDuel

Cheap QBs are often the way to go in daily fantasy.Why? Well, obvious they save you money for other positions, but QBs always have the ball in their hands, and there are multiple ways they can exceed salary. They could be going against a weak pass defense, they could take advantage of garbage time or they tend to run the ball when scrambling. There’s always at least one cheap QB that turns out really well, and if you can find him, that’ll make choosing the rest of your lineup a lot easier. Let’s see who stands out this week.

(all salaries via FanDuel and must be cheaper than $7,500)


Johnny Manziel $6,700 – Obviously this is under the assumption that Manziel gets the start over Brian Hoyer. Last week we saw Colt McCoy put up 26.68 FPTS at the Indianapolis Colts. Manziel draws the Colts at home. Given Manziel’s play-making ability with this arm and his legs, his upside is always especially great. Plus, he has Josh Gordon to throw to now, which should help tremendously. Furthermore, the Browns will likely be playing from behind in this game, and that’s when Manziel usually likes to go crazy. You bet he’ll be trying to make a statement for the permanent starting job.

Blake Bortles $6,400 – The Texans are giving up the most FPTS to WRs, and believe it or not, the Jags to have weapons. Bortles has been putting up close to 20 FPTS in the games the Jaguars are in for four quarters. The Jags are only +5 at home.

Zach Mettenberger or Jake Locker $6,800 – I’m more a proponent of this with Locker given his running ability and he’s better inside the red zone. Still, this is a good play for both. The Giants can’t stop anyone whatsoever. They have the worst overall defense in the NFL and just lost to the Jaguars. Now the Titans host the G-Men. Similar to the Jaguars situation, the Titans QBs have been posting around 20 FPTS in games that have been close for four quarters. This game is PK.

Teddy Bridgewater $7,100 – Not surprisingly, the Jets are one of the worst teams in FPTS allowed to QBs and WRs. Again, it’s the same story for Bridgewater as the previous QBs, when the Vikings are in the ball game or have won, Bridgewater has been fantastic. The Vikings are -6.

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