Thursday GPP Plays 1/30

With only 3 games today, many DFS players will skip NBA altogether. Their reasoning is that there are too few players to choose from, which means your edge won’t be big enough to beat the rake. I agree with this logic, and avoid 50/50s and heads up games on days like this. However, GPPs are filled with action from fish and I think with the right picks one can have a big edge in them. Because of this, this article has plays that are specifically for GPPs, and not necessarily the best for heads up and 50/50s.

Fanduel Plays

Dion Waiters $4,900 – Waiters is a bench player who’s minutes and shot attempts of fluctuated wildly all season. However, he’s been getting more consistent minutes lately and has been performing well, hitting 30 FPs in 2 of his last 4 games. The Knicks have been middle of the pack against SG this season but have been doing poorly as of late, and I attribute that to JR Smith and Pablo Prignoni getting almost all of the SG minutes. I think Waiters is a risky play but when he hits, he’ll significantly outperform his salary.

David West $6,300 – This is more of a feel play then a statistical play. West will be going up against Channing Frye and Markieff Morris all night neither of which are powerful defenders by any means. In their previous matchup, West didn’t have great stats but it was a strange game where all the starters got 30 minutes or less. In 35+ minutes, I suspect West will do much better and could have a great game with weak defenders on him all night.

Steph Curry $10,100 – Curry is a player you have to consider in your lineup for the sheer fact that he is capable of having a 60+ point game. His salary is actually pretty reasonable considering his output and in a fast paced game against LA he’s a capable of going big. He had 38 points in a game against the Clippers earlier this year.

Tyler Zeller $3,500 – While I don’t love the matchup for Zeller, he’s min salary and is the starting Center for the Cavs. He should get quality minutes and hopefully see some time against Kenyon Martin of the bench instead of Chandler all day. Using the min salary on a player like Zeller could give you room to use two high salary players like Griffin and Curry. I wouldn’t prioritize him over Tyson Chandler, who has an awesome matchup if Varejao is out, but if he fits in your lineup feel free to use him.

Tyson Chandler $5,100 – His salary is an absolute steal right now and if Varejao is out I can see him doing a lot of damage inside just as Anthony Davis did against the Varejao-less Cavs a few nights before.

JJ Redick $5,500 – Redick has a very reasonable salary and is capable of scoring 30 points in a night. If the Clippers get down in this game and need some shooting, I see Redick being a huge beneficiary.

Carmelo Anthony $10,800 – I don’t expect him to score 63 points tonight, but he’s capable. Besides Kevin Durant, there are no players in the NBA that are capable of that. To win a GPP you need some big performances, and although I like Blake Griffin from a point per dollar perspective better, Melo is someone you’ll want in a few lineups.

DraftKings Plays

Channing Frye $5,000 – Frye has absolutely no correlation with matchup and it makes sense, he’s a post player who likes to hang around the 3 point line and rarely bodies anyone up. His matchup is with Indiana, a team Phoenix beat handily a week ago but will likely have a hard time against a more rested Pacers team at home. Miles Plumlees minutes usually fall when he doesn’t have a great matchup and Markieff Morris gets in foul trouble essentially every other game. I think Frye gets minutes tonight and if he hits some 3s can be a huge asset. He will surely be under 5% owned tonight, so if we’re right we have a nice edge on the field.

Lance Stephenson $6,800 – He didn’t have a good game against Phoenix last week, but he’s only $6,800 and is a great player that can fill up the stat sheet any night. When you have someone who can get a triple double and is only $6,800, you take him.

Darren Collison $5,300 – Salary, Salary, Salary. I’m not sure why Collison is $5,300 on DK right now but that is a severe mispricing which means he’s a must play. I actually don’t really like Collison tonight. Golden State allows a lot of fantasy points to PGs but that’s due more to their pace, their defense is actually quite good. But, even if he has an off game, he’ll still get you 20 FPs. He’s the safest play of the night.

Blake Griffin $9,300 – Blake Griffin is my favorite play of the night on both FanDuel and DraftKings. He’s been in absolute beast mode ever since Chris Paul went down with an injury and tonight shouldn’t be an exception. In the previous 2 GSW matchups, Griffin had good games and that was with Chris Paul taking 20 shots and going to the line 9 times, and Griffin still at 40 fantasy points in that game! He should take over 20 shots tonight and has a great matchup against David Lee. For a very reasonable $9,300, get him in your lineups.

J.R. Smith $5,500 – I like Smith on both DraftKings and Fanduel. He’s been getting over 30 minutes per game in his last 5 and averaging around 30 fantasy points a game. His salary is way too low on either site to pass up.

Good Luck Tonight!

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