Three Scenarios: Sacramento vs Memphis 1/29

Tonight’s matchup between the Kings and Grizzles is a complex one because of the sheer number of GTDs. Isaiah Thomas, Rudy Gay, and Demarcus Cousins are all quesitonable. In this article I’ll breakdown who to play in certain scenarios.

If: Thomas, Gay, and Cousins all play

I actually think this is the highest probability scenario. Gay was barely a scratch on Monday and with Isaiah Thomas under the weather he’ll have to feel compelled to play. I like both Gay and Cousins if they play, they’re salaries are very reasonable on all sites (Gay is $7k on DK and Cousins is $8,900) and I think they’ll have an even more significant impact because of Isaiah Thomas’ flu. Whether Thomas plays or not, the flu that’s been going around the NBA is very serious. Thomas literally ran off the court Monday night in the 3rd quarter to go vomit and there’s absolutely no way he’ll be at full strength tonight even if he plays. Memphis does poorly against big men, so Cousins should light them up.

If Cousins plays, I think you should avoid Marc Gasol, who will have his hands full, but I think Zach Randolph could be a sneaky play against a team that is fast paced and doesn’t play good D. I also like Conley, who has a reasonable salary and will be up against a sick Isaiah Thomas.

If: Only Gay plays

This is the 2nd most likely scenario and if it happens target Grizzles all around, especially big men. Gasol and Randolph should have a party inside against a now very undersized Sacramento team. I also like James Johnson as a GPP play, especially since the Kings offense will be in disarray without Thomas which should lead to more turn overs and blocked shots, something Johnson needs to have a big minute. Courtney Lee is also still very cheap and should perform well.

On Sacramento, Jason Thompson should continue to get a nice boost and will have to play significant minutes to account for the big men on Memphis. I don’t like Derrick Williams since he’s primarily Gays back up and not a true PF. I have a feeling that Ben Mclemore will get some time at PG, but Jimmer Fredette should start. But Gay will be the prize, he’ll surely take over 20 shots and have the ball in his hands most of the game. I think Marcus Thorton could have a nice game but I wouldn’t prioritize him.

If: Gay, Cousins, and Thomas are all out (highly unlikely)

On Memphis, still look to play everyone I reccomended with Cousins out.

On Sacramento, look for Jimmer Fredette to significantly outperform as well as Derrick Williams. In GPPs, using Thorton, Williams, Fredette, and/or Jason Thompson could pay big dividends if Sacramento keeps it close.

Good Luck Tonight!

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