Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams – 3 Changes in Daily Fantasy for Seattle with the Percy Harvin Trade

In case you somehow missed it, Percy Harvin was traded to the New York Jets late Friday afternoon. Since the Jets played Thursday night, most people want to know how this will impact the game Sunday. Here are the few key points.

1. Bump Marshawn Lynch – According to multiple reports, the Seattle Seahawks have been trying to trade Harvin for weeks. It’s not as if the Seahawks have been specifically game-planning this week without him. The Seahawks were already a 7-point favorite (now -6.5), and the Rams don’t have a good rush defense. None of the receivers behind Harvin have been great at any point in their careers, and it’s hard to make any specific prediction that one could actually go off. Considering that Lynch was already lowly used in Thursday formats and his upside in general, Lynch could get some additional touches to what would have been Harvin carries from the backfield or on a jetsweep.

2. Bump Russell Wilson – Wait what? Okay, there are two thoughts that go into this. First, Wilson was already going to be very lowly used, and this just increases the chances. But secondly, remember how great Wilson was against the Washington Redskins and how bad the Rams defense was against Colin Kaepernick? We might see quite a bit of read-option from Wilson to bring a little more diversity to the offense that’s missing with Harvin out. I certainly don’t recommend putting Wilson and Lynch together in GPPs, but they both do deserve at least a slight bump.

3. Don’t get too excited about another Seahawks WR – If we are talking about GPPs, obviously you can throw in a Jermaine Kearse or a Doug Baldwin. But playing one of them a ton or playing him in 50/50s is definitely not recommended. Here are the Seahawks’ WR stats through six weeks: Baldwin – 16 receptions, 25 targets, 187 yards, 0 TDs. Kearse – 11 receptions, 19 targets, 168 yards, 1 TD. Harvin – 22 receptions, 26 targets, 133 yards, 0 TDs. Granted Harvin had several TDs called back due to penalties against Washington, but as you can see, all three guys have been used fairly evenly in a run-heavy offense. There are have been several other guys used in the passing game behind them, but they have been on a fairly limited basis. Essentially, don’t expect the Seahawks to go all pass heavy toward one guy just because a WR who has been average isn’t available. Just give a slight bump toward the stars and perhaps throw in one of the top WRs in a GPP.

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