Running Back Surprises from Daily Fantasy Football in Week 7

There were a ton of crazy performances from RBs that we didn’t expect from Week 7. This was a really odd weekend. These are guys who were third on the depth chart to start the year or weren’t even on the practice squad. Let’s figure this out and see what means something and what doesn’t.


This means something

Tre Mason – After not getting any carries the entire season, Mason racked up 5 touches last week and 18 this week against what is usually a fantastic Seahawks rush D. That ended with 85 yards and a TD. Zac Stacy wasn’t hurt, and Mason just all of a sudden launches ahead of everyone? This isn’t an injury related issue. Jeff Fisher went with his hot commodity draft pick, and he showed up. This is not a fluke.

Chris Ivory – The Jets have finally figured it out. He is the best on the team in terms of being an overall back – power, speed and vision. He got 21 touches for 107 yards. FINALLY 21 TOUCHES! I don’t have Ivory in any of my regular fantasy teams, but seriously, if this doesn’t change the Jets coaching staffs’ minds, nothing will.

Ronnie Hillman – 24 carries for 100 yards against the Jets. Now 14 carries for 74 yards and two TDs against the 49ers (could have had a 3rd without losing his feet on a screen early on). Hillman also would have had more carries had it not been a blowout. He’s also added 7 catches for 45 yards in the last two weeks. He looks significantly better than Montee Ball did, even though he’s out injured. Ball is still out for another couple weeks at least, but Hillamn has by far looked by far the best. He is an RB1 for now, and maybe even an RB1 for the year.


Don’t Overreact

Shane Vereen – It’s never fun running into the injury bug, but it’s especially bad when it’s on a short week. Vereen only had 11 carries for 43 yards. But his 5 catches for 71 yards and 2 TDs were awesome. Just remember, he won’t get 2 TDs in a week again and one of those big pass plays came on a busted coverage. With more time to prepare, Bill Belichick will have more times to game plan without Steven Ridley, whether it’s with with Jonas Gray or Brandon Bolden.

Denard Robinson – I wish I could agree on this, but I can’t. The Browns rush defense has been terrible all year. They also committed a ton of atrocious turnovers that set up these opportunities. Expect a balanced workload moving forward.

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