Ranking the Cheap Options at WR on FanDuel

Below, you are going to see a list of some bad fantasy options at WR on FanDuel. These players will not get you a ton of fantasy points. But, there’s a reason I’m writing this article: I think you have to use one or two of them. There are such strong plays at both RB and QB this week at a high price point, that I think the proper strategy this week is to go cheap at WR on FanDuel, and spend big on those high priced RBs like Lynch, Murray, Anderson, and Lacy.  The only criteria for making this list is that the player must be under $5,500 on FanDuel. These rankings are also from a value standpoint.


1) Davante Adams ($5,100) – Looking through the snap counts of Packers players, I was surprised to see that in the latter half of the season, Adams plays the majority of passing downs. In the week 17, must-win game against the Lions, Adams played 27/28 passing downs, which is basically unheard of for a #3 WR. Of course, he did absolutely nothing with those snaps (he caught 0 balls), but it was against a stout Lions pass D. The Cowboys D is a whole different story. Their defense is poor as a whole, and specifically their pass defense ranks 22nd in DVOA. Adams should have a few catches in this game, and is the likeliest candidate on this list for a TD.


2) Cole Beasley ($5,300) Beasley is who he is, a quality #3 WR who runs shorter routes and should be good for a few catches in this game. The Cowboys are significant underdogs, so Beasley should see a little more action than usual. He’s a lower upside play but has a higher floor than most on this list, he’s topped 8 fantasy points in 4 of his past 5 games, which is all I’m really looking for from a cheap WR this weekend.


3) Reggie Wayne ($5,300) – This one is tough. Wayne is by far the best receiver on this list, but clearly is not 100% healthy. He hasn’t had a quality game since week 11 vs New England. He did have 9 receptions for 98 yards on 13 targets in week 1 at Denver, so clearly this isn’t a horrible matchup for Wayne, but that was when he was healthy. That being said, he may have more upside than anyone else listed, he’s the only #2 receiver on this list and will have more opportunities than anyone else.


4) Wes Welker ($5,200) – I was also surprised to see that Welker, like Adams, plays a lot of passing downs, almost the exact the same amount as Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. Also, like Adams, Welker hasn’t done much with his playing time, but he does have this going for him: the Colts strongest CBs play on the outside, and they struggle most with passes over the short middle according to Most of Welkers receptions this season have come in the middle of the field, 0-9 yards deep. He also is healthy and has playoff experience with Manning, something the coaching staff may value in this game.


5) Donte Moncrief ($5,500) – The exact opposite of Beasley, Moncrief is a higher ceiling player but could also leave you with a total dud. Denver does struggle with #3 WRs though, ranking 22nd in DVOA. And the Colts definitely will use him more if they get down in this game. But, he doesn’t play a lot of snaps and runs relatively deep routes, he has a definite chance of putting up a big fat zero. I don’t think I can recommend him in cash games. His price also doesn’t give as much flexibility as the others, I have found making lineups this week that an extra $200-$400 can go a long way.


Bonus: Cheap Tight End


Richard Rodgers ($4,600) – In week 17, for the 1st time this season, Richard Rodgers passed Andrew Quarless in snaps against the Lions, playing about half of total passing downs. And he took advantage, catching 5 balls for 40 yards. He has a juicy matchup against the Cowboys, a team that ranks 29th in fantasy points allowed to TEs and consistently gets torched. Look for Rodgers to be a more reliable options than you may think, and he’s a great option on Fanduel at $4,600.



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