NFL Week 14 DSTs with Best Sacks Matchups

Check out which DSTs you should be using in Week 14 with the sacks matchups.

When we are looking for the best DSTs in a given week, we often look for the team that is favored by the most points in Vegas. This is a fairly good indicator, but it’s only one small piece to the puzzle. One of the most important things to look for is sacks matchups. We are at the point in the season that we know which OLs are better than others, and which DLs are better than others. While they are somewhat influenced by schedule and injuries, the rankings in in terms of sacks are fairly accurate. But don’t worry, we’ve been keeping an eye on how the rankings have fluctuated this season based on certain variables. Let’s see which DSTs we should be targeting for Week 14.


Vikings – The Vikings have racked up with the fourth-most sacks this season while the Jets give up the third most. This game is in Minnesota, and the Vikings are -6 with an O/U of 40.5. These are all fantastic situations. The weather (factored into the O/U) will be cold and potentially miserable, so the Vikings certainly could pull off a defensive TD or two against the highly turnover prone Jets. Let’s just hope it’s actually on defense and not just special teams this time so FanDuel counts it (sigh… from last week).

Eagles – The Eagles have sacked the opponent the second-most times this season. The Seahawks have been sacked the 12th-most times this year. I know it seems weird to take a DST against Seattle, but it’s not like the Seahawks have been impressive on the road this season (sorry, I don’t think the 49ers are that great of a W). Plus, not only do you have a good sacks matchup with the Eagles, you get their high upside with their special teams and ability to force turnovers.

Rams – The Rams are tied for 14th in sacks, but they have been flying up the rankings recently now that they are near full strength. Remember, they suffered a ton of defensive injuries in the first week, especially in their front seven. Even though Trent Williams is back for Washington, the Redskins have given up the second-most sacks this season and Williams hasn’t missed that much action. Plus, the Redskins gave up six sacks last week to the Colts.

Broncos – The Broncos are -10 at home against the Bills, so that’s a huge plus out of the gate. Denver has also sacked the opponent the fifth-most times, but the Bills are only allowing the 15th-most sacks. Why is this good? The Bills were one of the best teams at avoiding sacks with EJ Manuel at QB. He was very productive at getting rid of the football early as well as using his mobility to get away from pressure. Kyle Orton, not so much.

Lions – The Lions have forced the 12th-most sacks while the Buccaneers have allowed the ninth most. It’s a pretty solid matchup, and the Lions favored by 9 is obviously a good incentive as well.

Texans – Believe it or not, the Texans actually rank 23rd in sacks. But the Jaguars have given up the most sacks this year (50, next closest is 39!). The Texans also have J.J. Watt, and this obviously is a positive. On this note, can we get J.J. Watt in the FanDuel and DraftKings database at TE yet? Just for fun…

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