NFL Snap Count Trends Week 2

Playing time is one of the most important factors to consider for DFS football. More playing time means more fantasy points because of a players increased opportunity to gain key statistics. In this article, I’m going to breakdown all the relevant snap counts for Week 2 to help guide our picks for Week 3.

RB Snap Counts

Again, getting my info from the wonderful Football Outsiders. This is for Week 2.

NameOff Snap Pct


Deangelo Williams will take a backseat to Le’Veon Bell this week, who should return from his two game suspension. Williams is worth noting as a reminder that the Steelers love giving their RBs full workloads, and Bell should continue that trend and be one of the best fantasy RBs of the week.

Jamaal Charles is used to seeing a heavy workload, and that’s precisely what we saw Week 2. Charles Week 1 workload was depressed because of a blowout. 85%+ is what we should see week to week.

T.J. Yeldon and Dion Lewis are the two biggest surprises of the list. Yeldon should be guaranteed 90%+ snaps with backup Denard Robinson sidelined with a knee injury. Despite being huge underdogs to the Patriots, Yeldon seems like a fantastic tournament play.

Dion Lewis is a big wild card here. I wrote an article last year on the Patriots when Shane Vereen had a similarly heavy workload. The truth is the Patriots rarely have done anything but a running back by committee approach in Bill Belichick’s tenure. There is a solid chance we see LeGarrette Blount get the majority of the running workload while Lewis handles passing downs. There’s also a chance Lewis gets the majority of snaps. The Patriots are a very matchup oriented team, so look to play Lewis mostly when the Patriots play good run defenses. Be a bit wary this week.

Adrian Peterson had a large workload and Minnesota was the most run heavy team in the league last week, with a 68.85% rush play percentage.  He should be a top fantasy option all season.

James Starks was the only other RB besides Eddie Lacy to get snaps for the Packers. His workload should be huge if Lacy is out this week.

Just for reference, here is the snap count leaderboard for Week 1 and 2 combined.

NameOff Snap Pct


Other Notes

Amir Amdullah had less than 50% of snaps despite starting this week, while Theo Riddick saw a big boost in snaps. The fact he’s starting over Joique Bell is encouraging. My guess is Riddick happened to get a lot of snaps because of game flow (The Lions trailed for most of the game).

Brandin Cooks was the only Saint who saw nearly every pass route. He keeps duding but my guess is he breaks soon.

Matt Forte’s workload took a serious hit this week after being massive Week 1. The coaching staff hinted they wanted to reduce his workload before Sunday’s game. I’d say the his average this year of 78.5% of snaps is a good projection for the rest of the season.

Danny Woodhead saw over 50% of snaps for the 2nd straight week. Given his use in the passing game and red zone he is a very solid play moving forward.

After Jeremy Hill fumbled twice, Giovani Bernard saw 46/66 snaps at RB for the Bengals. The Bengals have a run first offense and a godly offensive line, so if Bernard becomes the starter he should be a fantastic play. However, rumors suggest that Hill will remain the starter, but Bernard may see an increased workload.

Devonta Freeman saw nearly every snap after Tevin Coleman left the Falcons game with injured ribs. Freeman should see an extremely high percentage of snaps and will be an elite play until Coleman returns.

Shane Vereen saw 38/71 snaps with mostly work in the passing game. He should be a solid play moving forward, especially when the Giants are underdogs.

Aaron Dobson was the WR2 for the Patriots this week, seeing just about as many snaps as Edelman and Gronkowski. The Patriots utilize a large amount of TEs in the red zone, which hurts Dobsons value, but he may be someone to keep an eye on moving forward.

Leonard Hankerson and Torrey Smith both had great games for their respective teams, but did not see nearly a full workload in the passing game. Take last weeks performance with a grain of salt.

Darrius Heyward-Bey saw full snaps at WR for the Steelers. The return of Le’veon Bell should leave less fantasy points to go around, but the speedster Heyward-Bey meshes well with QB Ben Roethlisberger, who loves to throw the deep ball.

Don’t be fooled by Travis Benjamin’s performance. He only ran 50% of pass routes in an offense that only ran a pass play 18 times. He is very likely to dud next week.

Jordan Cameron ended up splitting time with Jake Stoneburner at TE. Both should be completely avoided.



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