NFL Picks on DraftStreet Week 14

Fantasy Football is almost to a close for 2013. Some of you may still be vying for a seat in Draftstreet’s fantasy football championship which means this week could win you a chance to win huge. Here are some picks that may help you have a big week.


Drew Brees $14,628 – DraftStreet has a very reactionary and matchup based salary formula and I’m taking advantage of it here. Brees is an elite fantasy QB but draft street has both Matt Stafford and Cam Newton ranked ahead of him. The fact of the matter is Brees is going to put up better numbers more consistently than those two will. I wouldn’t say Brees is a must have, but I think he’s great value even with a high price tag, especially at home in a big game.

Also good value: Joe Flacco $9,725


Eddie Lacy $11,248 – Atlanta’s defense is absolutely terrible, and I’m still not a believer that their offense is totally back. Lacy is an incredibly talented running back that hasn’t done well the past few weeks but with Matt noodle arm Flynn at the helm I expect Lacy to get enough touches to run all over this Atlanta D and some receptions to boot. He won’t be the #1 running back this week but he’s a great bet to be top 10.

Also good value: Demarco Murray $12,174


Desean Jackson $10,945
– In a game vs the Lions that looks to be a shootout I’m taking the most talented WR on the Eagles in Jackson. Detroit allows a ton of fantasy points through the air and I expect this game to be heavy with passing, and with the Eagles hurry up offense this will be a long game. Some people will take Cooper here but I say go with the more talented player in Jackson. He hasn’t done well recently but we said the same thing about Eric Decker last week and he went off.

Also good value: Torrey Smith $10,022

Deep Sleeper

Willis Mcgahee $3,258
– Obviously when you’re taking a player that costs $3,258 it’s going to be a risky play, but hear me out. New England has a terrible run D that has allowed massive games to both Knowshon Moreno and Ben Tate the last 2 weeks. Mcgahee seems to be the #1 back in Cleveland, and as long as they’re not down huge they know they’ll have to go to him if they want to have a chance to win. New England will be focused on Josh Gordon which means they won’t stack the box. Mcgahee is a ballsy play, but with a lot of high priced players at WR and QB that we want to use he may be worth it.

Stay Away

Atlantas Offense – They may be tempting to use coming off a good game in a good matchup with Green Bay, but I’m not sold. I still don’t believe Roddy White or Tony G are totally healthy which means Matt Ryan has no one to throw TDs to. Their offense may rack up some yards but I don’t find any player compelling enough to want to use.

DraftStreet is offering a $1,000 NFL freeroll for anyone who signs up through Fantasy Winners. Just sign up using this link or use the promo code DFW when signing up. Good luck!

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