NFL Game Review: Steelers at Jaguars

Pittsburgh Steelers 17 at Jacksonville Jaguars

Many of the games played out how I expected this weekend, however the Steelers and Jaguars both substantially underperformed offensively. Neither team stretched the field, the wide-receiver screens on both sides has questionable blocking and neither team was particularly dominant in the run game. This was a a fairly sloppy contest from top to bottom.


Ben Roethlisberger – Another efficient game for Ben with no INTs. However, he took four sacks in this contest, and one of them led to a fumble in the red zone. These sacks were mostly due to him holding onto the ball too long. As a Steelers fan, I usually pay special attention to this. Over the last couple years it’s been more of the beat-up offensive line not doing a good job, but this time it’s more on him. Nevertheless, he’s still usually an underused QB in fantasy, and he has a great matchup with the Browns next week. He threw for 365 yards against them Week 1.

Le’Veon Bell – Considering the matchup, this was a bit of a disappointing day for Bell. He got 82 yards on 15 carries, and one of them was for 29. The run blocking was more the issue, and nothing appeared to be wrong with Bell. This is the second game in a row Pittsburgh’s running game has been just okay after dominating against Carolina. Lucky for the Steelers, the Browns rush defense has been awful this season. Consider Bell an option.

Antonio Brown – Sort of the same story here – 5 catches for 84 yards on 12 targets. The targets were nice, but the production with no TDs isn’t what people wanted to see in an ideal matchup. One of those targets should have been caught, but most of these were underthrown, overthrown or throwaways in the direction of him. Joe Haden should be on Brown next week, but Brown won that matchup in Week 1 with 5 catches for 116 yards and 1 TD. He’s an option to pair with Ben.

Heath Miller – After a big game against Tampa Bay, this was almost a predictable letdown for Miller to a lot of DFS players. His salary was still relatively cheap and he was against the Jaguars, but he’s not nearly one of the primary options in the offense. The one nice thing for Miller though is Pittsburgh is starting to run a run-pass option with Roethlisberger reading the linebacker to see if he cheats to the inside and hits Miller in the slot of he does. Still, Miller has fairly limited upside, but he’s a fine play in cash games.

Shaun Suisham – Punched through his only FG from 24 yards. Suisham is near automatic inside 50 yards, but his accuracy particularly drops after that range.

Steelers DST – I ended up fading the Steelers defense with many of their key players out. That was a decision that didn’t work out, but it didn’t necessary backfire with other defenses playing well (and I played the Eagles DST quite a bit). Cortez Allen picked off Blake Bortles on a deep pass to Allen Robinson that was underthrown. and Brice McCain got a pick-six off Bortles on an out-route. Cleveland is a two-point favorite with an O/U of 47. Stay away from Pittsburgh’s defense this week.


Blake Bortles – He was one of my favorite picks last weekend, and this was one where I was just wrong. There are two parts to this though. Bortles threw two INTs, and both were on him. However, the coaching staff has a set of training wheels on him, and that really restricts what Bortles is good at – throwing downfield. Bortles was 22-of-36 for 191 yards, and many of these throws were very simple. I’m not jumping off the Bortles train by any means, and I still think he’s going to be great and is still a fine fantasy option. However, the coaching staff needs to let him stretch the field more. Tennessee is an ideal matchup this week.

Jaguars RBs – We have three RBs splitting time now – Toby Gerhart, Denard Robinson, Storm Johnson. Gerhart (4 carries, 9 yards) is the power back, Robinson (3 carries, 6 yards) is the speedster and Johnson (4 carries, 27 yards) is a combination. Johnson had by far the best day, and he played with Bortles at UCF. Not that it’s relevant to what Jacksonville is trying to do, but we could see a lot more of Johnson moving forward. Don’t play him yet though.

Jaguars WRs – With no Cecil Shorts and Marqise Lee, Allen Robinson was the No. 1 receiver with Allen Hurns as the No. 2. Hurns is usually the deep threat, but he ran a lot of shorter routes for Bortles and caught four balls for 24 yards. Again, I don’t get this, and this needs to change. As for Robinson, he had five catches for 51 yards, and I was fairly impressed with him. I also watched him frequently in his Penn State days, and this is someone who is solid at everything. He isn’t Calvin Johnson, but he does have great athleticism as well.

Josh Scobee – Nailed all three FGs. Scobee is one of the FG kickers in the NFL, but he doesn’t get a ton of attempts in a struggling offense and a team that usually is forced to go for it on fourth down in the fourth quarter.

Jaguars DST – They actually didn’t do a bad job in this game all things considered. But this is probably the worst defense in the NFL. The LBs are the strength of the team, but they are just decent when compared to the rest of the league.

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