NFL Draftkings Must Plays Week 16

We’re getting very close to the end of the NFL season, this may be the last week where you get to use your favorite players, as some teams are going to sit there starters if they have already clinched their playoff seed. There are no Thursday or Saturday games this week so you will have an action packed Sunday. On Draftkings we have the Fantasy Millionaire, where 1st place will win one million dollars. The tournament is pricey at $1500, but its hard to not give yourself a chance to win that kind of money. They also have a mini and medium grand final, each with an $100,000 guaranteed prize pool. It’s a great week to do a lot of lineups to improve your chances at some big prizes.

QB/WR Combo

Jay Cutler ($7800) and Brandon Marshall ($8000)

Cutler is back for the second consecutive week and has a great matchup against a stout Philly run defense but a pass defense that even Matt Cassel picked apart. I think a lot of people may shy away from Cutler fearing a benching in favor of Josh McCown, but that seems incredibly unlikely to happen especially against a defense where he should find success. Cutler is a very good quarterback and should be able to destroy the Eagles D. Alshon Jeffery was fantastic with McCown but Marshall is clearly Cutler’s favorite target. Go with Marshall this week.

Matthew Stafford ($8000) and Calvin Johnson ($9000)

The ineptness of the Giants defense is not going to show up in the fantasy points allowed stats because the Giants simply have not played many good quarterbacks. Tuck and Pierre-Paul who were once two of the best pass rushers in the league still are stout against the run but haven’t been getting pressure all year.
Stafford has been turnover prone but still an elite passer. The matchup for Megatron is very favorable. #1 corner Prince Amukamara is not a very good corner, never reaching his potential as a first round pick in 2011. Both Stafford and Johnson have not done too well the past two weeks so we have a slight fade in price, which makes them a bit more attractive.

Other WRs

Josh Gordon $8400

I can’t with good conscious suggest Jason Campbell. Campbell has had some great games against bad defenses but ultimately he is a really bad quarterback. The matchup, however, is fantastic. Millner and Cromartie, the Jets top two corners, have just been awful this year. They have no one who can match up against Gordon. His price tag is high but the matchup is too good and he’s been the best WR in the league this year.

Pierre Garcon $6300

Kirk Cousins price jumped all the way up to $7800. While he draws a good matchup with Dallas It’s hard to justify him over someone like Stafford or Rivers for 200 more or Cutler for the same price. However, there is an arbitrage opportunity with the Redskins WR’s. Garcon is by far the best of the bunch and his price is very reasonable. Garcon is my best pick this week.


Alfred Morris $5700

The Redskins are going against the 2nd worst run defense in the league this week, and Sean Lee may not play this week on top of that. Alfred is a really talented running back but has had a quiet season because the Redskins have fallen behind so quickly in almost every game they have played. With Kirk Cousins in at QB playing well expect the Redskins to move the ball and feature a healthy dose of Morris. His price tag has drifted all the way down to $5700 and with a fantastic matchup he’s definitely worth it.

Lesean McCoy $8500

The matchup was great last week but the issue was that the Eagles fell so far behind that Shady didn’t get any carries. While the Eagles pass coverage is disturbingly bad, they are at home and favored by 3. It’s unlikely the Eagles far so far behind again. The Over/Under on the game is 56 so Vegas expects a lot of points to be scored. Shady is the best RB in the league going against the worst run D in the league. Seems like a no brainer.


Zach Miller $3600

The Seahawks play the Cardinals this week who have a very stout run D but a vunerable pass D with their best safety Tyron Mathieu out for the year. We should see Wilson throwing a lot more which should be good for pass catchers like Miller. Arizona also seems to have an odd penchant for not covering TE’s well so seems like an easy pick.


Steven Hauschka $3900

My theory is that teams with big special teams advantages over their opponents and with inept offenses tend to have kickers that score a lot of points. Seattle has great special teams and an average offense while Arizona has a terrible special teams and a good defense. Should set up great field position for Hauschka to fire field goals over and over again.


Denver Broncos $3000

There aren’t a lot of great defensive matchups this week, but the elite defenses are still super expensive. The Broncos actually have a fantastic defense but tend not to be good in fantasy because of how uptempo the Broncos offense plays. But the Houston Texans offense is in total shambles without their top 2 running backs this week and with Schaub now in again. The Texans are probably going to fall behind quickly which means Von Miller is going to go after Schaub relentlessly against a bad pass blocking offensive line.

While Randy Bullock and Shane Lechler are fantastic kickers and punters respectively, the coverage unit for the Texans is one of the worst in the league. If Holliday manages to get a good touch, we could easily see a special teams touchdown. Sneaky pick but I think a good one.

Good luck to everyone this week!

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