NBA Wednesday Draftkings Must Plays Dec 11th

We have a 9 game slate for Wednesday. There is a huge matchup between Philadelphia and Minnesota, both top 3 teams in the league giving up fantasy points and in possessions per game. However, there are 8 other games that also have some good value to look at.

Tony Wroten $6000

In GPPs you’re going to want a big man and a guard from each of Minnesota and Philadelphia tonight. MCW is not playing tonight so Wroten who starts in his place is still going to be undervalued. His salary has skyrocketed over the past few games but he’s still plenty cheap enough. Wroten is very aggressive and a guy who dominates the ball handling for Philly. There’s really not much to say. He’s probably the easiest start of the night.

J.J. Barea $3100

Here’s one issue with the Philadelphia Minnesota game tonight. It could be a huge blowout, as Minnesota is favored by 13. J.J. Barea consistently gets 15-20 minutes a game, averages 16 fantasy points per game, and has had stretches where he’s been the preferred player to Rubio in the Minnesota’s coaching staffs mind. If the game does happen to be a blow out, Barea will play in garbage time in all likelyhood and you’re probably going to get huge production from him. If he doesn’t, he still is going to get good playing time so it’s not too big of a risk. It’s a great matchup against Philly so you really can’t go wrong.

Jrue Holiday $8300

There’s no sneaky value with Holiday here. But I think his valuation went way up when Davis left. When you have two big men now starting in Smith and Aminu who both do not create their own shots that makes a lot more assist opportunities for Holiday. He is expensive but I think his recent production is not noise but rather what we’re going to see ongoing in the future without Davis.

Carlos Boozer $6000

Deng is almost certainly out tonight. And with Noah out last night, Boozer had a pretty dominant performance on an incredibly injury depleted Bulls team. Boozer shot 23 times scoring 21 out of Chicago’s 74 points and added 12 rebounds 4 steals and a block. It sounds like Noah may be back tonight but with Deng out Boozer is going to try to carry the load on offense. New York is one of the worst fantasy matchups but all these Bulls injuries increase Boozer’s value far too much to ignore.

Al Faroq Aminu $4600

Aminu is still just way too cheap with Davis out. Someone has to catch Davis’ rebounds and Aminu has show great proficiency at it, averaging 13 in the 3 games without Davis. He’s also averaging nearly 14 shot attempts a game without Davis in the lineup. Aminu is a great athelete has a ton of upside. It’s hard not to like him at this price.

Handle with Care
Isaiah Thomas $6700

His price has went up nearly a grand since last game, but he’s still cheap. With Vasquez out of the picture Thomas is going to get 35-40 minutes a game. He nearly had a 50 point game in his first game with Vasquez, but he had a good Dallas matchup. Whenever a team gets reconstructed like the Kings have with their recent trade you get new player valuations. Thomas is someone whose valuation has went way up. One thing I’m a little wary of is Gay did not play last game. For those who have seen Gay play, he just a terrible player who makes awful decisions on offense. He commands the ball a lot and that could really hurt Thomas’ production. Given a below average matchup against Utah I think I’m luke warm on him tonight. I wanna see how Thomas performs with Gay in the lineup.

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