NBA Players Who Are Still Mispriced on FanDuel

We are two weeks into the NBA season, and we have seen some of the salaries of the different NBA players adjusted for their new team, teammates or head coach. But some have seen little change or no difference at all. This is because the algorithms for each site have their own formulas, and it can really differ when someone isn’t adjusted enough or is adjusted too much. Obviously it’s about matchups in daily fantasy, but some are mispriced enough it almost doesn’t matter what the matchup is. Let’s figure out which guys on FanDuel fit this criteria.


Salaries That Are Too Low

Donald Sloan $5,700 – While Sloan did have a bad game against the Utah Jazz, he’s still too cheap. He’s averaging 15.1 PPG, 5.4 APG and 5.0 RPG to go with a 22.2 usage percentage. He also leads the Pacers with 34.9 minutes with their other PGs injured. Until George Hill returns or his price goes up, Sloan is quite the bargain.

Jordan Hill $6,100 – This guy’s FPTS per minute is fantastic, despite being an iffy defender. The Lakers, for whatever reason, are still playing fairly up-tempo. With Julius Randle’s injury, Hill has received a bump in minutes. He’s recorded 28.7, 42, 39 and 31 FPTS in his last four games.

Roy Hibbert $6,200 – He’s clearly the primary weapon on offense, the best rebounder and shot blocker. He’s not necessarily a double-double threat every night, but his upside is outstanding and his floor is much higher than it was last season. It also helps when C.J. Miles isn’t in the lineup jacking up contested three-pointers.

Darren Collison $6,500 – This salary isn’t much higher than when he was coming off the bench with the Los Angeles Clippers. Collison has posted over 30 FPTS four times and over 40 FPTS twice already. He should be over $7,000, just like Isaiah Thomas was.


Salaries That Are Too High

Paul Millsap $8,100 – This salary is still somewhat based on last year’s results when Al Horford was out. Millsap’s rebounding numbers are slightly down as a result, and his upside is reduced scoring wise. He’s still a fantastic player, but he’s just not at the $8k level anymore.

Monta Ellis $7,600 – The Mavericks had few valuable fantasy plays last season. Ellis, Dirk Nowtizki and sometimes Jose Calderon were in the mix. But now with Chandler Parsons at the 3 and Tyson Chandler at the 5, Ellis’ fantasy numbers have taken a hit.

Lance Stephenson $7,500 – Stephenson is still getting used to his new environment, but in this offense, he just doesn’t produce the same kind of numbers. With a more dominant big man in Al Jefferson and a PG in Kemba Walker who has the ball in his hands a lot, Stephenson simply can’t get the points and assists he was getting with the Indiana Pacers. His rebounds have been a pleasant surprise though.

Everyone on the Denver Nuggets – With the exception of Timofey Mozgov, everyone on the Nuggets is priced too highly. Why? Brian Shaw is playing everyone on his bench, his rotation is completely unpredictable and he’s going with whoever is giving the best effort. Mozgov in the $4,000 range is good since he’s a starter and will get over 30 minutes as long as he stays out of foul trouble and the Nuggets aren’t blown out. However, for everyone else, it’s hard to play any of them confidently.

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