NBA Monday Draftkings Must Plays Dec 16th

We have 8 NBA games today, with the “Big 3” matchups, Minnesota, Lakers, and Philly all playing. There are going to be a lot of good picks so I’m going to focus on researching thoroughly for the best of the bunch.

Tony Wroten $6200

Getting Wroten out of the way. His price has went up but MCW is still out and you can still expect 30 points plus from him. I’m not gonna say much just start him.

Deron Williams $6200

Williams has recently come back from injury so his pricing, in typical Draftkings fashion, is way below what you’d expect given previous years statistics. Williams is also matched up against Philly who gets completely dominated by point guards. With the matchup and coming back from injury factor DWill is probably the best pick of the night.

Jordan Crawford $5900

Without Rondo, Pierce, and Garnett, Boston has had an entirely different team. With inconsistent performances, players like Green, Crawford, Bass, Bradley, and Sullinger have been hard for DFS sites to price. Crawford has been the most consistent of the bunch. He draws a really plus matchup against Minnesota who is 2nd in the league in possesions per game meaning they are fast paced. They also give up a lot of points to guards rather than big men. Avery Bradley is also a good option here as he’s been hot. I’d choose whoever fits into your lineup best.

Pablo Prigioni $3500

Raymond Felton is out for 2-3 weeks with a hamstring injury so backup Prigioni is getting 30 minutes plus a game. He draws a great matchup tonight against Washington who is in the bottom 5 of assists given up per game and very bad at guarding the pick and roll. Even without a good matchup Prigioni is a great play but with a good matchup he’s a must play tonight.

Paul Millsap $8400

It’s really hard to choose a big man tonight against the Lakers as Horford and Millsap are both great players and the Lakers can’t seem to guard anyone. Looking through the game logs it seems that bench big men tend to have a lot of success against the Lakers team. That being said there are not consistent big men bench players on the Hawks, both Horford and Millsap get 40 minutes a game. I like Millsap better here because he’s more of the do it all type big man and won’t draw Gasol at center who seems to be a pretty solid matchup against a bruiser like Horford. Millsap is also more of a distributor which bodes well against a Lakers team in the bottom 3 of assists given up per game. If you’re going to start anyone against the Lakers, which you should, go with Millsap.

Wesley Johnson $4200

The Lakers backcourt situation is just in shambles with Farmar, Nash, and Blake all injured. Johnson has been starting all along and Jodie Meeks has seen the biggest minute increase. However, Meeks has practically disappeared with Bryant in the lineup while Johnson has been a lot more consistent. With Bryant playing PG Meeks is having a hard time finding a way to glue while Johnson is thriving. With so many injuries I think you have to start one of these guys and Meeks just scares me at this point.

Lot’s of value tonight, good luck with everything!

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