NBA Friday Draftkings Must Plays Dec 13th

A big slate for a Friday, with a lot of teams with injuries and the three best fantasy match ups, Lakers, T-Wolves, and Philly. There is almost too much value today so you’re really going to have to prioritize.

The entire Toronto Raptors starting lineup $?????

You really cannot go wrong tonight as long as you start 2 guys on Toronto in GPPs and all 5 (if allowed) starters in heads up. We’re still working through the repercussions of the Rudy Gay trade. Gay was a guy who hogged the ball and probably earns the award for greatest fantasy point to win contributor ratio. That has opened a big hole that currently is being mostly filled by Amir Johnson ($6000), who has become a fantasy beast since Gay left. Johnson is definitely the top play tonight. I also really like Kyle Lowry ($7200). Philly gives up the most assists per game which makes Lowry more appealing. I think Lowry is really going to start emerging with Gay gone even though we haven’t seen that quite yet. Ross and DeRozan also are good plays. You can’t get much better than best match up in the league and large team makeup change when it comes to getting great fantasy value.

Al-Faroq Aminu $5300

I talk about this guy every week it seems. He is still emerging ever since the Anthony Davis injury, and I think the recent fantasy production stays. Memphis is an average matchup but does give up a lot of points to big men and Aminu is more of PF than Ryan Anderson despite starting at SF. Easy start tonight and ongoing.

Tony Wroten $4800

MCW is out again, Wroten is a beast, nuf said. $4800 is just laughable for a guy who goes over 30 fppg when he starts.

Kobe Bryant $6800

Kobe just came off a bad injury. That being said Draftkings have prices that tend to fade when a player goes out with injuries. Kobe averaged well over 40 fppg last year. When his production comes back to close those values, which it will despite his age, he’ll be fantastic value. It’s just a matter of time when he gets healthy enough and back in the flow enough.
Also, the Lakers have just lost Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar to injuries. Kobe is actually going to play point guard tonight which should greatly increase his fantasy production. I think he is a really easy start tonight on Draftkings.

Trevor Booker $3500

This is completely dependent on the injury report. But if Nene doesn’t play which seems somewhat likely I really like Booker. You can look at my report last Wizards game for more information on what makes Booker such a nice play.

There are a lot of other interesting plays tonight, with the Lakers and Minnesota, two of the top 3 matchups in the league playing. So do your research and take in my information and make some great lineup decisions. Good luck!

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