NBA Fantasy Considerations 1/24

There are some nights in fantasy, like tonight, where there are so many games you don’t have time to research them all. Then you miss the guy who went off and in retrospect you think to yourself “Man, I would have picked him if I wasn’t so focused on the other matchups.” That’s what this article is for. It’s not indepth, but it gives you a rundown of every game of the night, who did well in the previous matchup, and who is reasonable to consider as a start.

Lakers @ Orlando

No previous matchup

Players to consider:

Kendall Marshall
Ryan Kelly
Pau Gasol
Jodie Meeks
Nick Young

Glen Davis
Tobias Harris
Aron Afflalo
Victor Oladipo
Jameer Nelson

It’s hard to not recommend the entire starting lineup of two teams that are great fantasy matchups but also have so many injuries/new players in big roles.

Toronto @ Philadelphia

Two previous matchups:

First matchup was with Rudy Gay so difficult to analyze.

Derozan did very well both games
Lowry did decently both games but eclipsed 10 assists each time.
Terrance Ross did extremely well both games.
Amir Johnson and Jonas Valanciunas did well in the game without Gay.

Spencer Hawes did very well in the first game and well in the 2nd game
Turner did well in both games

Players to consider:

Toronto Raptors starting lineup

Spencer Hawes
Evan Turner

I’d have a tough time starting either one in a large slate but Hawes is a unique player who doesn’t correlate at all with DVP so he’s worth a consideration. Turner eclipsed 10 rebounds in both games which is very encouraging but in his best game MCW did not play.

San Antonio @ Atlanta

One previous matchup:

Millsap did well
Teague did well

Tim Duncan crushed with a 20/20 game
Manu Ginobli hit value with 10/4/7
Marco Bellineli hit value
Tiago Splitter did okay

Players to consider:

Jeff Teague

Tim Duncan
Starting SG on SA

Horford played in this matchup so I don’t consider Millsap even though he had a good game. My feeling is given how good defensively SA is it was a fluke. Parker continues to struggle as a defender and Teague’s price has come down with poor performance I’d strongly consider Teague.

Atlanta gives up a lot of points to SGs but San Antonio has a carousel of starters so check out who’s starting. Ginobli and Bellineli seem like strong plays. Duncan is probably the strongest play of the matchup with such a great previous game and with a weaker Atlanta interior with Horford out.

Oklahoma City @ Boston

One previous matchup:

Ibaka did well
Jackson did well
Kevin Durant did well but not good by his standards.
Jeremy Lamb did well

No Celtic did very well besides Jordan Crawford who isn’t on the team

Players to consider:

Reggie Jackson
Serge Ibaka
Jeremy Lamb

Anyone who will play garbage time on the Celtics
Phil Pressey
Rajon Rondo

This game is at Boston but is likely to be a blowout so Lamb and a bench Celtics player seems like the strongest start. In all likelihood Rondo will have minute limitations, but keep an eye out because if he doesn’t then this is a good matchup for Rondo as players have been torching Reggie Jackson. If Rondo’s price is really good on a site than I’d consider taking him. Pressey is worth a play pretty much no matter what because the Celtics have no guard depth so he’s going to play garbage time.

Milwaukee @ Cleveland

Two previous matchups:

Kyrie Irving did very well both games
Brandon Knight did not play first game had monster 17/14/8 line in the second game
OJ Mayo did very well both games
John Henson did well in both games

Players to consider:

Kyrie Irving
Anderson Varejao

OJ Mayo
Brandon Knight
John Henson
Anyone else on Milwaukee

Despite Milwaukee not giving up a lot of points to PGs, Irving is a scorer rather than a ball distributor, which apparently matches up better against Milwaukee. Cleveland also does not have a strong scoring presence inside, which means unlike other teams have done Cleveland is not going to feed the ball in the post constantly. Varejao played a lot and didn’t do well each game against Milwaukee but given how weak their interior he’s worth a look.

Practically everyone on Milwaukee is worth a look with Knight one of the best starts of the day and Henson a solid start on sites where he’s cheap like Draftkings. Milwaukee is a cash game nightmare team but practically anyone on their team can get minutes and go off any night so consider everyone who gets minutes and has a decent ceiling in GPPs.

New Orleans @ Detroit

One previous matchup:

Brandon Jennings, Rodney Stuckey, and Greg Monroe all had great games.

Jason Smith and Al-Farouq Aminu also had very good games

Players to consider:

Anthony Davis
Al-Farouq Aminu
Brian Roberts
Eric Gordon

Brandon Jennings
Rodney Stuckey
Greg Monroe
Andre Drummond

Anthony Davis did not play in the last game but the interior of NOP did so well I would strongly consider him. Stuckey’s price is great on nearly all sites so consider him strongly. NOP’s center position is a mess with all their injuries I would target Monroe and Drummond highly.

Dallas @ Brooklyn

No previous matchup

Players to consider:

Joe Johnson
Paul Pierce
Andray Blatche

Monta Ellis

Dirk Nowitzki was out Monday. If he’s out again I’d definitely consider Monta since he’s going to have to carry a much bigger load of the offense. If he’s not, I wouldn’t play anyone on Dallas. Brooklyn has somehow turned on the defense and isn’t giving up fantasy points to anyone.

Joe Johnson has been awesome lately with D-Will out. D-Will is back now but he’s coming off the bench so Johnson should continue to thrive. Pierce is priced pretty reasonably and Blatche has been hot coming off the bench. The matchup is good for Joe Johnson but the other two are just a little under priced.

Charlotte @ New York

Three previous matchups

Jefferson did very well in the one game he played in
Kemba did fantastically in all 3 games
Henderson did well in all 3 games
MKG did well in all 3 games

Melo did well in two games, poorly in the third

Players to consider:

Al Jefferson
Gerald Henderson
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
Ramon Sessions

Tyson Chandler

Chandler is the only Knick I would consider as Charlotte gives up a lot of points to Centers. Chandler only played in one game and didn’t play much for some reason, but he should play 35+ minutes this game. Sessions and Henderson are solid plays for sure, especially with Kemba out. I probably wouldn’t play Jefferson against Chandler, who’s too good of a defender, and Jefferson’s price has ballooned a little too much. MKG is such a young and talented player and is primed to take a bigger offensive role with Kemba injured, but so far he has not done so and hasn’t had consistent minutes. I think he is really worth a GPP play as he could have a huge breakout game at some point this year.

LA Clippers @ Chicago

One previous matchup (total blowout):
Chris Paul did very well
Blake Griffin did well

Players to consider:

Blake Griffin
JJ Redick

Joakim Noah
Taj Gibson
DJ Augustin

I’d only consider Griffin if Boozer plays. Chicago is a stout defense and Blake’s price is so high it’s hard to play him. Redick recently came back from injury and subsequently his price has been very good, he’s also done well in the absence of CP3. Noah seems like a very solid play against LAC who gives up a lot of points to Centers. Gibson and Augustin are in play if Boozer and Hinrich are out again obviously. Otherwise, don’t play them.

Memphis @ Houston

Two previous matchups

Randolph did very well in one game poorly in the other
Harden did well in the only game he played in

Players to consider:

Marc Gasol
Zach Randolph
James Johnson
Courtney Lee

James Harden
Terrance Jones

I probably wouldn’t play anyone in this game in a cash game, but be on the look out for Terrance Jones and Marc Gasol’s salaries as they both could be severely mispriced on some sites. James Johnson is almost always worth a start in GPPs because his salary is around minimum yet he has had 40 fantasy point plus games this season. Courtney lee is a solid play as a starter near minimum salary, you can’t get much better than that. But don’t play him in a GPP because of his limited ceiling.

Washington @ Phoenix

No previous matchup

Players to consider:

Nene Hilario
Marcin Gortat
Bradley Beal

Goran Dragic
Gerald Green

Dragic has been amazing with Bledsoe out and Green is the starter in place of Bledsoe so they are both solid plays. However, the Wizards are not a good matchup on paper for either so they are tough plays. The Suns have a weak interior with Frye and Plumlee so Gortat and Nene are worth a look. Beal came back from injury a little awhile ago so his price has been pretty fair. Beal is probably the best start of the bunch. I think Dragic does well too since his fantasy performance correlates most highly with how well a team defends the rim and the Wizards are one of the worst teams in the league in that category.

Indiana @ Sacramento

No previous matchup

Players to consider:

Isaiah Thomas
Ben Mclemore
Sacramento Scrubs
Roy Hibbert

If you haven’t heard, both Demarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay are out. The most important aspect of this game is to look up who is going to get playing time on the Kings. Sacramento is completely decimated, which normally means great value. But it’s going to be tough against a great Pacers defense. Everyone on the team is going to be an incredible GPP play so load up there. I think against a really bad team, Roy Hibbert could be a solid pick. Hibbert is such a good shot, we could see 5+ blocks this game.

Minnesota @ Golden State

One previous matchup:

Klay Thompson did very well
David Lee did pretty well
Kevin Love did very well
Andre Iguodala did well

Players to consider:

Kevin Love
David Lee
Klay Thompson
Steph Curry
Andre Iguodala

Love on paper does not have a great matchup, but Love’s fantasy output doesn’t seem to correlate with anything in particular. I probably wouldn’t play him in cash but he’s worth a shot in a GPP. Thompson has a very good matchup on paper and is a great play considering previous output. Same for Iguodola. Lee is consistent and always worth a look. Curry barely played last game but he has one of the highest ceilings around. This game features two of the fastest paced teams in the league so there should be a lot of fantasy points to go around.

Whew! That was a lot. But hopefully it gave you a good run down of all the possible good plays from each game and helps you win tonight. Good luck!

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