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Everyday for NBA research I use each teams Defense vs Position (DVP) for each individual statistic and project how well each player will do using the DVP signal alone. This can give a pretty solid look on just how good a matchup is for any given player. With that said, here are some of the top projections for tonight’s games.

Demarcus Cousins: +8.1 Fantasy Points Projected

Close to perfect matchup tonight, as he is projected to score 51.65 FP, 8.1 over his season average. Cousins had two previous matchups that were not that great, but mostly because he got into foul trouble in both games. At home that’s a lot less likely. He’s probably the top overall play tonight.

Al Jefferson: +5.55 Fantasy Points Projected

It’s going to be tough to choose between Jefferson and Cousin’s tonight, as they both have insanely good matchups. DVP gives the edge to Cousins though, and given Charlotte is playing away and Sacramento is playing at home, that really cements it in my mind. If you can play both though, go right ahead.

Anthony Davis: +5.1 Fantasy Points Projected

Davis has just returned from an ankle injury, but it doesn’t look like that will restrict him at all given he got 38 minutes in his return last game. Davis went for 32 points and 17 rebounds in their previous matchup, and I don’t see much reason why we won’t see a great performance again.

Kemba Walker: +4.2 Fantasy Points Projected

Philadelphia gives a lot of fantasy gifts, mostly to the PG and C positions. Walker does not have great assist totals, which makes him project less highly than other PGs have against Philadelphia. Nonetheless, Walker has crushed Philadelphia in their previous matchups, and makes for a great play on a day where big men are going to dominate salary.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist: +2.9 Fantasy Points Projected

MKG, despite a extremely low salary, is projected to score nearly 18% more fantasy points than average, 2nd to Cousins’ 18.7%. He is certainly a great play on sites like Fanduel where positions are more restricted.

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