NBA Daily Fantasy 3/27: The Crazy GPP Lineup On FanDuel That Might Just Work

With GPP lineups, we are always looking to make a lineup with extremely high potential regardless of the floor. This usually involves players who can get hot from three, guys who can rack up statistics in multiple areas and not overloading players on the same team.

While all that remains true for this lineup, this isn’t one you’d expect. Why? None of the players are $8,000 or more. With 13 games, there are plenty of optimal matchups to take advantage of, and there are several guys who are simply underpriced.

(all salaries via FanDuel)

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Reggie Jackson $7,900 – Averaging 20.2 points, six rebounds and 12.2 assists over the last five games. Greg Monroe has missed the last five games and has not practiced yet. Keep riding Jackson against the Magic as the Pistons are two-point favorites.

Tyreke Evans $7,600 – A perfect matchup at home against the Kings as 6.5-point favorites with an O/U of 207. Evans always has the realistic potential to put up 40-plus FPTS.


Evan Turner $7,100 – The Knicks are playing worse than atrocious as the Celtics are 10-pint road favorites after losing by seven at home to the Heat. Think about that. Turner is typically high variance, but he correlates strongly to his matchup, and the Knicks are essentially awful at all positions.

Kyle Korver $4,400 – Simply underpriced after returning from injury and put up 33.6 FPTS last game.


Trevor Ariza $5,800 – Ariza has posted over 30 FPTS in seven of his last nine games, including 44.3 FPTS in his last game against New Orleans. Houston is a 13.5-point favorite, and Ariza has done very well against Minnesota this year

Lance Thomas $3,800 – Thomas has logged 34.7 minutes in the last three games. While he’s only averaged 22.5 FPTS in those three games, the matchups weren’t ideal and Thomas is now playing in garbage time with the injuries to their depth.


Derrick Favors $7,800 – The Nuggets are a fantastic matchup on its own, but now that Denver is playing fast again and that they are playing small a vast majority of the time, it sets up even better for Favors. He’s also gone over 40 FPTS and posted double-doubles in each of the last three games.

Nerlens Noel $7,700 – Everyone is well aware of the terror Noel is on, yet his price hasn’t jumped as much as it should. While the Clippers are substantial favorites, Noel has crushed in those situations regardless and the Clippers are awful at PF and C FPTS allowed.


Brook Lopez $7,800 – Lopez has averaged just under 50 FPTS in each of his last four games. More specifically, since entering the starting lineup on March 8, Lopez is recording 20.8 points, 9.2 rebounds and 2.4 blocks. The Cavs are average at FPTS allowed to big men, are mediocre at rebounding and Lopez is easily the focal point of the Nets’ offense right now.

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  1. rockitsauce

    I was w/ Max wondering what in the hell you were smoking to pick Reggie Jackson as your top play of the night…swing & a miss (by us). You on the other hand CRUSHED IT (well the RJ pk anyways 🙂
    Love the analysis here…keep up strong work guys.

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