NBA Daily Fantasy 3/26: Top Plays at Each Position on DraftKings

We are down to the final three weeks of the NBA season, which means there are very few days remaining with 10-plus games. There are an abundance of great plays today at all positions from minimum-to-top salary players. Let’s get right into it.

(All salaries via DraftKings)


Ray McCallum $3,000 – While Isaiah Thomas’ status is still questionable, signs are that he will sit this one out and McCallum will get the start. The Knicks are on the second of a b2b and were obliterated by the Lakers last night. This game is PK and Raymond Felton has been really tuning out defensively. Granted McCallum’s per-36 numbers are nothing to get excited about, but he’s minimum salary and should get around 30 minutes since he would be the only healthy true point guard.

Darren Collison $4,000 – Jamal Crawford is back and getting his usual playing time, but Collison continues to get the start at SG while playing 30 minutes. He’s not performing at the same rate when Chris Paul was out, but it’s still close to 1 FPT per minute. Both are good signs with a low salary. Add that he’s going against the banged up Pelicans defense, he’s a solid play, especially in 50/50 formats.

Jeff Teague $7,400 – Perhaps surprisingly, once Paul Millsap returned to the lineup, Teague’s usage percentage didn’t take much of a hit. He’s actually been much more efficient. Plus, with Kyle Korver out, Teague is getting a few more opportunities. He’s scored at least 30 FPTS in his last seven games and has totaled as much as 52.25. The Timberwolves give up the fifth most FPTS to PGs and Teague went for 42.25 FPTS in the previous meeting.


Kawhi Leonard $6,400 – Wilson Chandler is out again. Bottom line – Quincy Miller is really the only one physically who can match up with Leonard, and that’s a good sign for Leonard. The Nuggets run the third-most possessions in the league and are getting worse defensively with all their injuries. As long as it isn’t a blowout instantly, Leonard should get 30-plus minutes and easily go over 30 FPTS.

Dwyane Wade $6,700 – I get that he’s going against the Pacers, but $6,700? This is typical DraftKings when injuries come into play. Wade has actually had two legit performances against Indiana this season, including one where he dropped 32 points and finished with 42.75 FPTS. Ray Allen is also unlikely to play with a stomach virus, so we might see a slight bump in minutes for Wade’s offense.

Tyreke Evans $7,600 – He’s going to get a lot of plays tonight since he went for 60.5 FPTS vs. the Nets, even though it went to OT. But without Eric Gordon in the lineup, Evans takes on an increased role offensively, and the ball is in his hands more frequently for assist purposes. The Clippers are 7.5-point favorites, but they are average at SF in FPTS allowed and the Pelicans are at home. Evans has also had two awesome performances against the Clippers this season, including a triple-double.


P.J. Tucker $4,800 – I know, you can think of at least a couple times where you played Tucker and paid the price. I’ll say this though. Going against Trevor Ariza, there’s no Nene and that he has upside of going over 40 FPTS at $4,800, it’s a good GPP play. The Suns have also won six of their last seven and Tucker has played well in five of those.

Luol Deng $5,900 – Deng is projected to have one of the highest positive DvP performances tonight. He put up 41.5 FPTS against the Raptors last night. With Kyrie Irving and C.J. Miles out, Deng should continue to get big minutes and have tremendous upside.

Rudy Gay $7,500 – Assuming Thomas is out, Gay should take on a huge workload tonight. We’ve seen in the past when one of the big three of Sacramento (did I really just say that?), the other two step up. However, Thomas hasn’t missed a game this season. But having said that, I think we are going to see Gay’s FGA go up and he’ll get a lot more opportunities in isolation tonight.


Mike Scott $3,300 – Atlanta is going big tonight and starting Mike Scott instead of Shelvin Mack. Like Tucker on Phoenix, Scott has high variance. At near minimum salary though, as long as he gets 25-plus minutes (which he should starting), the risk isn’t that significant. Plus, Scott has shown he can go over 30 FPTS, even in games going against better defenses.

David West $6,300 – When Indiana goes against Miami, Roy Hibbert tends to get a lot of the buzz because of his height (non-fantasy speaking). But West is really the one who creates matchup problems in terms of offense and rebounding. The one thing that will be interesting this time around though is seeing Greg Oden go against Roy Hibbert. So, Chris Bosh may get some opportunities to guard West. Having said that, we’ve seen those two match up in the past at times, and it usually means good offense for both sides. West uses his 250-pound frame to punish him inside, while Bosh uses his height to make jumper after jumper. West has gone over 30 FPTS both times against the Heat this season.

Tim Duncan $7,400 – This is my favorite play of the night. Duncan torched Denver in the previous meeting, has owned Kenneth Faried the past couple seasons and has the highest expected DvP performance of any player tonight. The Spurs are 13.5-point favorites and the Nuggets are banged up inside. Usually when the Spurs blowout a team, the starters don’t stay in the game very long. However, when Denver gets blown out, typically that doesn’t happen until the fourth quarter. The Nuggets offense is potent enough that they stay within striking distance for most the game, but look for the Spurs to get their comfortable lead midway through the fourth before the starters come out.


Gorgui Dieng $5,400 – Why Dieng wasn’t starting for the injured Nikola Pekovic before is interesting to say the least, but Dieng is a beast on the boards and is starting to show some signs offensively. He’s averaging 37.45 FPTS in his last five games and the Hawks are 23rd in FPTS allowed to PFs and Cs. Add that Dieng is at home and getting 37 minutes at times, it’s hard not to play him across the board.

DeAndre Jordan $7,300 – Jordan’s three outings vs. the Pelicans earlier this season – 14 points, 20 rebounds, 5 blocks – 14 points, 16 rebounds, 4 blocks, 2 assists, 1 steal – 7 points, 12 rebounds, 4 blocks, 2 assists (only played 28 minutes in a home blowout). Basically, Jordan owns the glass and has a block party every time. The Clippers are 7.5-point favorites on the road and I wouldn’t expect a 32-point blowout like last time.

Anthony Davis $10,200 – If you can believe this or not, $10,200 is fairly underpriced for Davis. Given all the injuries the Pelicans are having and how much Davis is doing in terms of all stats, he’s arguably the second-best fantasy player behind Kevin Durant regardless of salary. The Clippers have one of the worst frontcourt defenses in terms of FPTS allowed (remember Jordan’s blocks and rebounds doesn’t mean he keeps opponents from putting up points of their own). Davis has recorded 59.2 FPTS in his last nine games and has gone over 70 twice.

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