NBA Daily Fantasy 1/5: Top Plays at Each Position

With the holidays over, we are transitioning more into NBA mode. Despite the temporary absence, we’ve still been keeping up on everything. Today, we are going to keep it simple, and you will get my favorite plays at each position.

(salaries via FanDuel)

PG – Matthew Dellavedova $3,600 – No Kyrie or LeBron against the 76ers. MCW is one of the worst PG defenders in the league. No-brainer here.

SG – Jimmy Butler $9,600 – I know it seems crazy to pay this much money for Butler, but given that Harden will be guarding him, Beverley will guard Rose and Howard will be protecting the paint, Butler should rack up a ton of stats as a home-favorite tonight. Plus, Dunleavy and McDermott are still out, and Butler will get another night of 40-plus minutes.

SF – Wilson Chandler $5,800 – SF is pretty weak tonight. The Timberwolves give up the most FPTS to SF, and Chandler has been getting 40-minutes at times. Plus, he’s typically done very well against the T-Wolves. He should get over 30 FPTS.

PF – Kevin Love $8,500 – Again, no LeBron or Kyrie against the 76ers. This is also a no-brainer.

C – Jusuf Nurkic $5,700 – Nurkic is actually getting more minutes than Mozgov as of late and his efficiency is through the roof. He’s posted 36, 28.5 and 35.6 FPTS the last three games, two of which were against tough front courts in the Bulls and Grizzlies. Tonight he draws a favorable matchup against the Timberwolves.

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