NBA Daily Fantasy: 1/22 Top Plays at Each Position

Even though it’s a Thursday, there are four games on the NBA slate for tonight. Here is our next edition of top plays at each position. As far as injuries or absences go, LaMarcus Aldridge is still out and Derrick Favors will not play either tonight.

(all salaries via FanDuel)

PG – Derrick Rose $7,200 – With the exception of the last game against the Cavs (a blowout), Rose has been on a monster terror. The Spurs typically struggle in FPTS allowed at PG when Tony Parker is starting, which is obviously now happening. With the Spurs strong on the wings defensively, Rose should take advantage in this matchup and has great upside.

SG – O.J. Mayo $4,500 – The Bucks are a rare -8.5 favorite in hosting the Jazz. In only two other games have the Bucks been favored by that much or more, which were at home against the 76ers and Timberwolves (covered both times). Mayo’s best games fantasy wise have come when the Bucks dominate their opponent and usually can get 30 FPTS in that scenario. That would be an excellent result for $4,500.

SF – Nicolas Batum $5,300 – Whether you want to look at last night or last year’s results when Aldridge was out, Batum has been exceptionally good. Last night Batum went off for 46.5 FPTS in a loss to the Suns. The Trail Blazers get the Celtics at home tonight and are favored by -7.5.

PF – Ersan Ilyasova $4,500 – In case you haven’t been paying close attention to the Bucks, Illyasova has returned to action. Not only that, he will reportedly be back in the starting lineup. Ilyasova got 23 minutes last game for 24 FPTS. In a much better matchup, one that won’t have Derrick Favors on the other side either, and with more minutes on the way, Ilyasova is another $4,500 candidate for 30 FPTS tonight.

C – Chris Kaman $4,600 – Kaman got a raw deal last night. He dominated offensively early, but the Suns shot lights out in the first half so his rebounding numbers were low. Then, as the Suns continued to play small, Terry Stotts responded and played a very small lineup as well, which was also due to Portland needing to shoot its way back into the game. Do not expect another lousy 21 minutes for Kaman. The Celtics are not a small team, and they are terrible against big men. We also know how great Kaman can be when there isn’t another dominant big man next to him. Kaman is my top play tonight.

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